Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Little Bit Off Kilter

Yesterday Youngest just wasn't feeling herself.
A little under the weather.
A little bit off kilter.
Maybe overtired.

It didn't matter.
It was a stay home day.

We decided a cup of Chai Tea might be just what the doctor ordered.

But even the special tea didn't quite do the trick.

So this mama asked her if she wanted to have her nails done.
I'm not sure when the last time was that I would have done this for her?  
Years maybe.
She's been doing it right alongside her sisters for a very long time.
Always trying to keep up.

She picked out her favourite colour.

And let me clean her nails.

She let me hold her hands and take off the old polish,
and she rubbed the oil I dropped onto her nails into the cuticles.

She wanted me to paint them ballerina pink.

We didn't talk much.
She watched and I painted.

And I realized...
It was one of the best hours I've spent in an awfully long time.

When I was done, she just looked at her hands and said, 
"Mom, I don't think my hands have ever looked this nice before."

And she started to feel a little more like her old self.

And you know what?

So did I.

Jenny Matlock

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  1. Simple things. Just perfect! Love that you were able to enjoy it too!

  2. Oh Dana, these are such blessed moments. Thank you for letting us share them with you.

  3. Love're such a wonderful Mom!

  4. Dana, this really touches my heart. I am sure she had the best day, staying home with you & being pampered, and she will remember it always. You are a great mama! :)

  5. I did this not long ago for my daughter before a special dance. Besides enjoying the moment, I spent a half hour admiring how lovely her hands are. I sound like a crazy mother, but my daughter has the most beautiful hands in the world and I'm not sure I would have ever noticed the exact attributes of their loveliness without having given her a manicure. I highly recommend it!

  6. What a lovely mom you are.


  7. And you just made me cry in sharing this loving story. We should all take the time like this for our children, for they are too soon grown and gone.

  8. I absolutely loved this sweet little story!

    Makes me wish I had a daughter...

  9. Oh I loved this. What a perfectly special time. We need more of those. xo

  10. What a lovely post from a loving mom. Great L word

  11. LOVE the pics!!! Beautiful children!!!
    Happy L Day!

  12. Nothing beats bonding time with a daughter, except a granddaughter and all love to paint our nails.
    Nice post.

  13. What a sweet mother-daughter interlude. We have to take them where/when we can.

  14. She just needed a mommy day!

  15. I loved this post. What a special relationship there can be between mothers and daughters...or not. I'm glad that you and she have it going on!!

  16. Oh I know these days.. and the simple things that could "do the trick!"
    Great post!!!
    Thank you!

  17. Great *L* post – so very cute!

    Have a good Alphabe-Thursday!


  18. what a pretty colour that ballerina pink is!!! her nails look lovely!

  19. Isn't that great? Nothing boosts the good feelings as best as time spending together!

  20. ...and you know what...this was so made me cry...tears of joy! ...and now my mascara is burning my eyes! Oops!

  21. I've had those days too. ~Ames

  22. I love the happy ending!

  23. My youngest son is getting ready to go to college in the fall and I love the time I get to spend with him. Your post put a huge lump in my throat! I have had lunch with my youngest son since he was just a babe! It is going to be to let him go!
    Your daughter is beautiful and you are a beautiful mom! Hugs Anne

    Come visit soon.

  24. Ah...such a sweet post! I think we all need "stay at home" days sometime to get extra love and attnetion.

  25. Dana, what a sweet post! Your girl will always remember the special things you have done for her, and she will carry on the tradition in her own family!!

  26. You're a great mom Dana. I think it's the little things that kids remember...and I bet your daughter will always remember this day.

    Thanks so much for sending me that link on I loved how that mom explained kindness and being brave to her son. I posted it on facebook hoping my mom friends would read it to their school age children. Thanks for thinking of me!

  27. Oh, how precious ! Time spent with that little beauty is so special. I felt the same way painting my daughter and granddaughter's nails !!!

  28. aw Dana, this made me teary eyed!! I know that feeling with my youngest. Such a sweet post :) hugs, cathy

  29. sweet sweet sweet, dana ... loved reading this ...


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