Sunday, March 18, 2012

40 Lenten Faith Photos: 5 More

This one was really hard.
I was on a high when I first watched it.
Then hearing all the criticism I felt sad, and a little foolish.
The girls and I read what the critics had to say and also the Invisible Children's response.
And we decided to still have faith that their intentions are for good.
The latest news story saddens me, only because it muddies what the real story is.
Pyschotic breaks are never pretty.
And for whatever reason, we feed on the pain of others like Piranhas.

What gives me faith in the end?
Is that this video was watched by over 80 million people in one week.
It is clear we want to do something. 
Something good and meaningful.
I have faith in humankind because of the response.

faith 2
Faith seems to greet me at times when I least expect it.
I can count on one hand the times I've waited in the hallway for Youngest after school.
She normally waits for me outside.
But for reasons I can't remember both Eldest and myself were waiting for her at the end of the day when the bell rang.
The bulletin board I was standing up against was filled with quotes about love.
This one caught my eye and my heart.

Something I can put into action with my children and husband first.
It looks so simple doesn't it?
Then why sometimes is it so hard to do?

faith 2 
Sitting in Emergency with my mom and dad made me feel many things.
I had to put my faith in the hands of the nurses and doctors there.
If felt safe.
They were good.

I had far more questions for God than I knew what to do with.
I always figure questions are good though,  
because it means I'm still having a conversation.

  faith 2 
So many things are changing.
Job interviews.
Driving lessons.
Finished 30 level courses.
Some  days I have little faith that we are capable of guiding her.
And then I see who she is, and I realize I have nothing to worry about.
Because her own faith is the guide.

faith 2
Eldest mentioned TOMS a lot.
I didn't listen too carefully.
The only thought I had was "overpriced fad."

When she brought them home, I was impressed with the quality, and the message.
New shoes for an underprivileged child for each pair bought by a privileged one.

There are many brands out there with exorbitant prices simply because of their name.
Somehow TOMS has managed to create a brand that is desired,
and also humanitarian in spirit.

It's with companies like this that I realize faith is in action in many places.
And as Eldest has shown me, if we every step we take.

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  1. I love the quote from mother theresa!

  2. You are raising a good person.


  3. (more than one, in fact...)


  4. I hope you've received some answers by now. I got into buying Tom's last year.....they're so comfortable, and it's so wonderful that I can also "buy" a pair of shoes for an underprivileged child.

  5. Toms...oh my... we got some for Em for her birthday...and the store was packed.
    Very cool idea...but the price sheeeesh!

  6. Thanks for this Dana, I need a bit of faith while we deal with what has been handed to us. Hard sometimes.....
    As for those daughters that are growing up, there are times I too am not sure we are capable, she got her first job, applying to universities, wanting to move out and live her own adventure next year, all scare me....but I know I need faith knowing that we have done the best we could to make sure she can take care of herself and make the right choices in her life.

    You always have the right things to say! Thanks and have a wonderful Sunday.

  7. I think you both have shown her in your own lives the wonderful things you can now see in hers.

  8. Love the quote and you. I have faith. In so much.

  9. "Some days I have little faith that we are capable of guiding her.
    And then I see who she is, and I realize I have nothing to worry about."

    So, so true. And "seeing" who a child is, is the greatest joy known to mothers.

    PS: When you got hacked, I got that message "hey people are posting bad things about you." I panicked. Parker happened to be close by and assured me he gets those messages all the time and it's a sign of hacking. So sorry you had to endure it. So glad the world's not mad at me :-)

  10. Lovely, and true.
    I didn't know that about the Toms!
    P.S. I was also contacted by your hacker. I knew it wasn't you.... ;)

  11. and P.S.S did you see all of the people commenting on the kony founder's "episode" who claim that they feel he is under a voodoo curse from Africa? I was rather astounded at that.
    I think it may just be all a show, for "attention to the cause" purposes...or another "experiment" of sorts, to see if negative publicity gets more hits that the other.

  12. That picture of your daughter ROCKS MY WORLD!!! How incredibly gorgeous is she and that photo?!? WOW!

    I'm nervous for you seeing that hospital room. I am hoping that all is fine?

    And we love us some Tom's over here too. :)

  13. I love this post Dana. And yes, as someone whose kids are that little bit older than yours, I can only say that there has been many a time that I have had nothing but my faith - and the knowledge that they too have a faith - to carry me through.


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