Friday, March 16, 2012

Posts I Wish I Wrote: A Friday's Favourites Installment

IMG_7081 Today I am tackling my FINISH list.
On it is the dreaded call to the Applecare Protection Plan People.
With only three weeks left on my plan,
I need to wring out every last possible ounce of info from the PPP....
Plus Eldest's welcoming computer mat is starting to become threadbare.

The questions will be very technical in nature.
Like... why do little weird white paper images show up on my screen
when I randomly click on it?
Why does my computer spit out any and all CD's when I politely put them into the side slotty thing?
Is is possible for my computer to be possessed?
When the beach ball from hell appears
is there anyway I can kick it to kingdom come stop it from spinning?
Do you like Canadians?
Where are you talking to me from?
Is it warm there?
Is there anyway you can just take over my screen and do this for me?

They love me over there.

So....while I sit down to have a nice chat with my Applecare buddy,
confusing him to no end because I'm asking him if I need to plug anything into the UPS?
I figured I would give you a little gift.

While reading blogs from far and wide, I will on occasion find ones that I think are particularly stellar.
As this happens I save them for you,
so that when you have the time to sit down with a nice cup of steaming hot coffee,
hot chocolate, or tea, or ding dongs, or whatever it is that tickles your fancy.

You can relax, knowing I've done all the hard work for you.
I'm nice that way.

So without further ado...

Here is Bungalow'56's  Friday Favourites 
~Posts I Wish I Wrote~  List
Chosen especially for you from me.(simply click on the name of the post in capitals)

Dumb Mom is a mom of three boys and knows how to make me laugh.
I'm not sure why this one resonated with me.
Maybe because I fancy myself a bit of a dancer.
This was her try at Flamenco Dancing with: DANCER FOR MONEY

Glenna over at Momastery relates a hysterical morning where everything falls apart at the dentist's office:  LOWERING THE BAR

wife, friend, and feeling as though she's failing.

Reading this post at Pancakes and French Fries and looking at the before and after pictures of a house that goes  FROM MESSY TO CLEAN was so inspiring.
I too spend more time thinking about doing the "big job" than just getting to it.
I think I will start timing how long a clean up takes.

About focusing on NEGATIVE COMMENTS at In Pursuit Of Happiness.

How do we even  KNOW WE ARE HAPPY? and then stay happy
At Nothing but Bonfires.

And last but not least Pioneer Woman's recent post about how her daughters are different. I laughed out loud a few times....A MOTHER-DAUGHTER DAY.

Have a wonderful Weekend!
I will be back on Sunday continuing to share my 40 Faith Photos...
Because yes.... my iPhone was found! (in my mother's purse... where I'm thinking the thief must have put it while I wasn't looking :^ o ! It's the only explanation I can think of :)


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  1. Thanks for the blog links; I will check them out.

    Good luck getting your computer exorcised.


  2. I have been learning to use my new desktop. I think my son, my in-house techie, is about ready to pull his hair out and leave for college. He tires of my constant questions. But at least I haven't had to use his laptop.

  3. im wondering when the heck someone has time to read all these blogs?! It's mind-bloggeling!!! :) M in O

  4. Hope your computer is fixed soon. I have a computer savvy son and I still have problems with him sitting right beside me!

    Is there any way you would fix the links so they would open in a new window or tab? I want to read all of them and I have to remember to click the back button to get back to your place or else I have to start all over. Right clicking gives the copyright infringement box, so that won't work. Just an idea.

  5. Fun...lots of new blogs to check out! Too bad Emily took her Nook out of town this weekend. When she gets home Ill cuddle up and with it and read them all. Thanks.
    Love your sons with those hairy beards. Hilarious!

  6. Oooo goodie! I will check these out! :)

  7. Rolling over here at your Apple questions. I've had many a similar convo with those wonderful souls. Do you know how to Force Quit though? I use that one regularly when the spinning beach ball just wants to play all day. damn ball!

  8. What a great idea. I want to start a couple of these weekend blog wrap ups, too.

    I just have to make a plan, get disciplined.

    At this age ...


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