Friday, May 25, 2012

Artsy Fartsy Insta-Friday!

With only a few minutes to spare 
I have decided to jump right in and join Jeannett for Instagram Friday.
I just recently joined Instagram (bungalow56)
and am seeing how great it is to capture moments
that I often missed because I didn't have my camera with me.
To be honest I didn't like the photos
my iPhone gave me so I didn't pull out my phone,
Now that I can have fun with all of the filters,
I love making the photos look better than they did originally.

Artsy fartsy and coolish : )
Just the way I like em.
Track season is here.
Do you remember your junior high track meets and how much fun they were?
Middlest competed in Long Jump, High Jump, and Hurdles (which she won first in.) 
You can't tell from the photo but it was a cold, cold day.
She ended up wearing her winter coat and having to say those very special words 
every mother loves to hear....
"You were right mom..."

This was a very special package Eldest ordered for me via the internets:
Coconut m&m's which I fell in love with in Hawaii.
They are not available in northern Canada, 
so she ordered them for me for Mother's day.
They came a little late, but I didn't mind.
Only a few a day....
largely in part because Eldest has hidden the bag on me : (

Outdoor soccer season.
Let me just say, the word cold does not even begin to describe 
the miserable weather the teams have had to play in.
Cold, windy, spitting rain.  
Only crazy people come out in weather like this.
And even crazier if they drag younger siblings and friends out to watch.
I'm not revealing who that might be.
I don't  like to point fingers so
you'll just have to figure it out on your own.

And wouldn't you know it,
the next day as beautiful a summer day as one could hope for.
Waiting for the kids to walk up the green space from school.
I love these few minutes, watching and waiting and
looking forward to seeing the girls to hear about how their day was.

An early morning Orthodontist appointment for all three.
The Agronomist has referred to the girl's braces as "Wedding Insurance."
I'm just glad they will never cover their smiles with their hands.

Youngest got her braces off this morning.
She's finished the first phase and will have braces again in a few years once all of her adult teeth arrive.
So glad we do this.  
except for the fact that she looks so much older to me now.
And just a wee bit happy.
I think it's... because... she. hasn't. stopped. smiling. all. the. live. long. day : )

What more could a mother ask for?

Except maybe... where her coconut m&m's are?


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  1. Coconut m and ms....must find some of those!!!!

    Cold track meets/soccer meets are the worst!!

  2. I wish I would've found coconut m&m's....sound divine!!! Love youngest's smile w/o braces!! So lovely!!!

  3. AnonymousMay 26, 2012

    love the wedding insurance line! good one Agronomist!
    m & g in okotoks :) :)

  4. She looks awesome with her fresh new smile!

    I just bought a pack of coconut M&M's at a Southern AB 7-11. Do you have 7-11's in your area? Maybe, just maybe they can get them in.

  5. You're right. These photos do look VERY coolish.

    And the idea of coconut M&Ms makes me swoon.


  6. Going to find you now on Instagram! Loving all of your pictures here.

    So glad you got some more coconut m&ms. I love those things!

  7. been avoiding instagram for fear of addiction - but at this point i actually need to jump in and embrace it, as it's become a form of "pre-facebook" for my kids (who both avidly instagram all day and night) and i can't let that train leave the station without me now, can i?!

  8. wedding insurance! too funny. happy filtering.

  9. cool photos! I'm on Instagram, but I rarely use it. I need to figure out these filters b/c I haven't done any artsy fartsy pix with mine.

    Wedding insurance. LOVE IT! Too funny!


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