Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A Family Photo... Is Always Worth The Pain

Family picture IMG_9915
Finally a family photo that's a keeper!
Not perfect... but better than no picture at all.

Can you tell I had to sprint like Usain Bolt to be in the shot?
side note: I couldn't remember Bolt's name so I googled fastest manand unfortunately typed in fattest man instead.
I'm not sure how long it will take to recover.

What was I saying?
Oh yes....
Our complete extended family is only able to get together once a year.

With two sisters a seven hour drive away, and another, two plane rides away,
we always try and get that family photo when we can.

As much as it is a pain to do, we make the effort.
And it is always worth it in the end.

Last years effort did include little ham hocks
but he was still in the oven.

Believe me, it would be a whole lot easier to just say forget it.
The kids are never thrilled
and we usually only have about a 15 minute window
before it all goes to hell in a handbasket.
At the time,  the extra half hour we need to get these done
seems more like hours and hours.
And no, the pictures are never perfect.

But in the end.
I know we will be happy to have them.

So the next time you are thinking about taking that large family photo,
and the idea of pulling out that tripod
and figuring out the timed photo on your camera
just seems like too much trouble.

Start yelling for everyone to get on over to a certain spot,
and grab some snacks for the littles, so they will actually sit on dad.

And take the time.

Even if you pull a hamstring while attempting it....

I promise,  you will always be glad you did.


Jenny Matlock

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  1. I know the pain in capturing a family photo. With my husband's side there are 25 of us! Try getting 15 kids to ALL look at the camera and smile at the same time. No easy feat, so I know your pain.....

  2. It's a gorgeous family picture!
    Cracking up though how you edited your husband!

  3. Love it!!! Worth all the pain! You and I both need one of those $20 remote more running....and you can take a whole bunch at once!!! And ps....I'm in love with ham hocks too....I'm so lucky to have a little ham in our Mom's group to squeeze!!!

  4. That disguise is I'm sure he is a politician or movie star or famous writer, right?
    Love the family photo....what a treasure for everyone!

  5. Seriously, love the look for hubby!

    And I agree it's a fab photo and well worth all the hard work!

    Btw...maybe we should start a support group for mothers with kids growing up too fast?!?!?

  6. That photo is beautiful, such a keepsake. I love it. It almost makes me cry and makes me want a large family photo like that for our family too. I think our last one on my side was in 2005. Way too long ago. I had to look twice at the man in disguise! :) You know you've got us all curious about that husband of yours!

  7. Dana, you are sooo blessed to have those photos! If I ever tried to get everyone together for a photo like that, it would be nigh on to impossible! I do have one photo, taken in Edmonton many years ago, of my husband and his cousins with his mother and her only surviving sister, and me, of course. I really treasure that!!

  8. Dana your photos are beautiful! There is absolutely nothing like family! I like your words here too! Your humor is making me crack up! Have a terrific week!

  9. they are a ton of work and soooo worth it in the end.:) and our family isn't anywhere that large:)
    have a happy day dana

    i had to fight the urge to google worlds fattest man ya know...just kidding!!:)

  10. oh dana, what treasures these photos are - wow! definitely feeling more inspired to crack the whip at big family gatherings after seeing these - well done :)

  11. you're singing to the choir!! LOL

  12. I love them and the guy in the hat is HOT!

  13. Ha! That's great and I can relate to how hard it is to get a family shot attending 2 family weddings in the last couple months. WEll done!

  14. I know exactly what you're talking about.
    Oh, the pain.
    But yes, so worth it.


  15. You will be SO happy to have these! I have to remember to try and do this more often, even w/ all the pain and attitude!

  16. Yes, they are a pain..and yes they are worth and for generations to come. I am my Family Genealogist, and I can tell you that having Family Pictures from the past are indeed priceless treasures. Good for you for getting everyone in the picture...and with a touch of humor! I bet you'll go down in Family History.

  17. Love the mustache man in the back.

  18. Our family photo was a few months agoa nd there were almost 80 of us! It was quite the event!

  19. Awwww, Dana!

    This was such a fun post!

    And you didn't look winded at all! Just lovely as always!

    Thanks for the smile and sharing your lovely family!



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