Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Wordful Wednesday: She Seldom Smiled

IMG_0407 white grain
I remember when this one was a baby.
She had the most beautiful eyes.
They watched everything around her.
Her sisters especially.

For the first six months or so,
she seldom smiled.
It wasn't that she was unhappy;
quite the opposite.
She was completely and utterly content.

One of my aunts who was visiting at the time
kept commenting on her eyes and
told me she was going to be a stunner when she grew up.
It was easy to see, but of course mother's are not supposed to say such things.
I was thankful my aunt said it for me.

After a year of braces we now get to see not only her soulful eyes,
but also her beautiful smile.
My baby is growing up.
More beautiful each and every year.

Not because her braces have been removed to show a perfect smile,
Or because those dark eyes are fringed with thick lashes.
More importantly because of her heart.

I understood this just recently.
It was that something I couldn't put my finger on when she was a baby.
You see, her spirit was already shining though.
I just didn't realize it.


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  1. Such a beautiful post sweetly written too. Yes, I loved this very much!

  2. So beautiful my friend.(and I'm jealous your third was so content...I needed one of those..;) xo

  3. What a beautiful post! She is an amazing girl.

  4. This whole post is just beautiful Dana!

  5. Love your thoughts on your youngling, as well as the image you captured of her. All totally fabulous!

  6. Awwwwww! That gave me major goosebumps! I love this! She's gorgeous - inside and out. :)

    Funny Face

  7. My youngest graduates in five days and then leaves for college in mid August. Enjoy every moment with your "baby," for these days are fleeting.

  8. I love the picture. And I was thinking how old she's been looking lately. Where has the time gone?

  9. The loveliest of pictures.

    All your girls, so perfectly beautiful.

  10. Have to agree that she is a lovely girl.

    All of your girls fit that description!


  11. ohhh....this is such a beautiful post. The photo and the words. And how ironic that we posted about braces on the same day. Only mine is just beginning the journey. I hope her smile is as pretty as your daughter's when she is done.

  12. Very nice. She is indeed a stuuner.

  13. AnonymousMay 30, 2012

    I got directed to your blog by somebody on Twitter (can't even remember who now) and from just quick browsing I know I'm going to love it!

    (sorry to post anonymously, but WordPress and Blogger are not friends!)

  14. Look at that beautiful smile....she's such a pretty girl. Your words about her are beautiful too.

  15. Oh Dana, this is so beautiful. I love what you wrote here about your baby girl. She is a stunner, and her teeth are perfect. What a beautiful picture of her. She will love reading back on what you said about her one day. Precious words and memories!


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