Thursday, May 31, 2012

Balloons: End Whining, Bickering, and Overall Boredom

If you are like us and do not have a pool
but you do have a trampoline,
this is a great splash alternative!

Bungalow'56's favourite Summer Boredom Buster!

We stock up on dollar store mini balloons.
And grab some big buckets.
The big buckets are for collecting the water balloons.

We've had far too many spill out onto the floor 
while on their way outside.
So big tubs are are a definite must for transporting the little *blobs of summer fun!
*just to be clear, I am not referring to my girls... or their friends.

It's pretty simple
Throw a few out onto the trampoline.
And jump to your hearts content.
Prepare to get wet : )

Strangely enough this activity cuts down on whining, bickering, and overall boredom.
Not that my girls evah participate in these past times.

I've just read up on it, on a lot of parenting forums.

So I'm here for you.

This never gets old.

And it takes them awhile to prepare as well as break all those balloons.
Nothing says summer fun, 
like an activity that keeps the kids happily out of your hair for an hour or so.

I'm just kidding.

Sort of.

Now go, get out of here and buy yourself some balloons.
(and obviously a trampoline if you don't have one...duh)

You can thank me later!


Thanks Jenny for Alphabe Thursday!
Jenny Matlock
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  1. JDaniel would sure love to come play at your house.

  2. This is a great idea!! I love water ballons anyway! Love your blog!!

  3. Sounds like great fun to me. My kids were always way into water balloons.

    In fact, they still are, as adults!


  4. Loading my kids in the car now. We should be there by tomorrow afternoon!!

  5. those last two photos are just so fabulous!!! and what a great idea to keep them busy ... it does get hard this time of year.

  6. little blobs of fun -- need some in my life.

  7. oh dana, my girls have been dying for a trampoline for a couple of summers now - and this fun twist on jumping would truly send them into a tizzy - how awesome is this?!!

  8. Dana, this is such a fabulous idea! My granddaughter, Laurel, whom I will see in about a week, has a trampoline! I will definitely tell her about this activity. I may even supply the balloons!

  9. That does look like a lot of fun!!

  10. I love these pictures! I think water balloons on a trampoline sounds like a ton of summer fun. We blew up water balloons for Boyd and his cousin last 4th of July. We had to prepare them all b/c the kids are still so little, and those water balloons are a pain in the butt! ha. I agree, it's a good activity for teens to make them as well as pop them.

    Great idea!

  11. This will be an activity we'll try when boredom hits around here...if I can keep the boys from throwing them at each other long enough.

  12. OK going to the trampoline store right now!! What fun your girls are having!

  13. What a great idea! The kids have fun, you get a break and everyone can have a nice nap later! I like this idea!

  14. This looks like so much fun! No trampoline here, but water balloons are a definite highlight of summer around here. Keeps them busy for HOURS. I'm sure my water bill suffers greatly in the process, but it's worth it.

  15. I LOVE it! I'm totally tucking this idea away for future reference - I told Princess Nagger we wouldn't be getting a trampoline until after we move (since we'd have to move it...and since we're planning to move next year, might as well wait...) :) You are a genius! :)

  16. That sounds like a totally fun idea. We just have a mini-trampoline, but it bet it would be fun even with that. We also have a mini-pool that my kids are already begging us to set up. I'm saving it for when school's out...last week here. Thanks for the brain storm!

  17. Love balloons...especially filled with water. Add a trampoline and it is even better. Great fun idea!

  18. I did this in our pool once. It was for a dive-in movie party.

    I had to have the kids pop them all because I couldn't tell which were heads and which were balloons in the dark!

    It would definitely be fun on the trampoline!

    This was a beautifully clever idea!

    Thanks for sharing it!


  19. Can't let my kids see this, I'll be listening to whines all afternoon of "why aren't you fun like her??"



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