Saturday, June 09, 2012

My Drive With The Agronomist

Last weekend we took a four and a half hour drive.
After five long years of standing on the sidelines of her sister's games.
It was Youngest's turn to go to a soccer tournament.

I've come to look forward to these drives.
Firstly, I have The Agronomist locked into a seat next to me.
Secondly, the summer light lasts late into the evening and makes everything glow.
And thirdly, the girls are now old enough to look after themselves,
and are happy to just let their mom talk and talk and talk with their father.

As I was taking a look through our pictures,
it occurred to me that you might like to come along for the ride?
Why not see for yourself what Northern Western Canada looks like?
I mean why let The Agronomist have all the fun?
I would love to just talk and talk and talk with you too!

And you thought it was just going to be flat prairie vistas... ; )

I'm always worried when we pass by something like this.
While I didn't get a picture, you can see the white semi further down the road.
Somehow it had caught on fire and a good portion of it was completely burnt up.
The Agronomist mentioned something about a Carburator or maybe it was a muffler?
He's always complaining I don't listen to him... or something like that.

I loved the colour of this old barn.
See how they've even painted the mullions in the windows kelly green?
I figure I would probably like these folk.
The Agronomist refused to stop and introduce ourselves.

A good portion of our trip involved following, 
pulling up alongside and passing big rigs.
This particular night, they seemed to be such pretty colours 
so I decided to snap away every time we passed one.

The Agronomist was not impressed with me.
After watching me take this shot he told me,
He didn't think the truckers would like it too much
looking down and seeing a camera lens pointing up at them.
So after this one, I tried to be discreet, and tucked the camera away when we got up too close.

Ever since we watched the movie "Cars."
I've taken to personifying anything with wheels.
Don't these two look like two old men having a good chat, side by side?

It was a lovely drive.
The evening was aglow.

And when the lighting was just right...
These semi trucks became a thing of beauty.
It was hard not to start singing a little Willie.

On the road again,
Can't wait to get on the road again.
The life I love is taking photos for my friends,
And I can't wait to get on the road again.

It's at this point The Agronomist usually looks at me
asks for his earphones and turns up his Satellite hockey.

And just in case you were wondering?
We have always travelled this well together.


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  1. Thanks for the laugh this are a funny girl! Your photos are always amazing...even of big rigs!

  2. Awww...thanks for taking me along! And I could stop whenever I wanted for a bathroom break, too! Hooray!

  3. As it turns out, I DID want to ride along...without even knowing it!



  4. Donna MayJune 11, 2012

    I hereby resolve to make sure I have my camera every time my BF and I take a road trip. You found beauty in the oddest places!

  5. I find that taking photos while on the road, my husband tucked firmly into the driver's seat, makes these drives go so much faster. We have another one ahead of us in a few days and I plan to be camera-ready. I've wondered the same about semi drivers, too, and hesitated to photograph many of them for fear of enraging one. You just never know...

    Thanks for taking us along on the drive. The scenery looks a lot like the landscape I'll be photographing.

  6. I love your little take on the Willie Nelson tune! :))

    LOVELY photos. Canada is gorgeous. I've only been right over the border from Detroit, into Ontario. I loved it to pieces, but I know I haven't really seen but an inch of it truly!


  7. I loved this post so much because 1) I'm originally from the midwest and it warms my heart to see the flat plains and black storm-impending sky, 2) my husband and I LOVE taking roadtrips together, and 3) your photos are gorgeous, especially those that capture the late afternoon sun.

  8. This, so very sweet.

    I know we don't see the agronomist, but does he see this beautiful posts?


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