Friday, June 08, 2012

Instagramalama: Bungalow'56 Behind The Scenes

We have been watching tonnes of soccer lately.
Youngest has rec league two nights a week and club soccer one night a week.
Middlest had school league two days a week after school which just finished 
with their school winning second place.
Eldest is reffing for rec league and just finished school league.

All I have to say about that... is that a certain Taxi driver needs her fuel.

So last weekend we went on a road trip.
Youngest was playing in a soccer tournament five hours away.
I got some amazing shots I'll share with you later this week.
I need to stick with the things that are a little more stationary with my iPhone.

The drive there was beautiful.
I might even have to bring you along for a look see a little later so you too
can experience the miles and miles of truck prairie beauty.

See Youngest's huge smile after buying an Athletica jacket? 
She wasn't even complaining she had to wait for Middlest in American Eagle.
I wish I could say the same for The Agronomist....

See... I got some pictures of the soccer field.

And these little babies are a travelling tradition for the inhabitants of Bungalow'56.

Before we left we were invited to an awards ceremony.
But they didn't ell us why.
Just that Middlest would be receiving something.

She won the sportsmanship award for both Volleyball and Basketball.
I love that award.
It has nothing to do with one's talent and everything to do with their attitude.

I also hosted my book club ladies last week.  
Some baking was accomplished and a few goodies were set out.
I happened to find these hand blown glass display canisters an hour before my booksters came.
Booksters are kind of like hipsters... but nerdier, older and waaaay cooler : )
I love how my M&Ms look all posh.
This kind of display makes everything look so party ready!
And everyone knows booksters know how to partay!

They will kill me for this one, so I'll make it itsy bitsy.

Can I say I'm absolutely loving Instagram.
It's like a little behind the scenes look at everyday life.
Look at the original shot I took with my iPhone above.
See girls, I needed to show it, for comparison's sake
But then when you download to Instagram....

Voila: Something bright and snappy or right out of 1977 nostalgic shows up.

If you're worried about privacy,
It can be completely private with only your friends and family able to see 
if that's what you choose.
It's a great way to feel like the distance is not quite so vast.

Hello Nicholle, Charmaine, Barbara, Tracy, Stef and Trish.  I'm thoroughly enjoying all of your photos!

The Agronomist is on the road today.
He's off to check on his crop.
With all the rain we've been getting he's a little concerned.

Still loving my Kuerig.
Some mornings... it's the only thing that gets me out of bed : )
That, and the fact that my children need to get to school of course.

The girls have been wearing rubber boots all week.
Many arguments over that one.
We are ready for some sunshine for sure.

And as close to real time as you can get.
Middlest just finished an appointment to get contact lenses.
She has been bugging us for almost a year.
Too many times glasses have gone flying during soccer and volleyball.
I hope they work out for her.

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  1. Lots going on for you, contact lenses, awards and all.

    (Gotta love that sportsmanship award!)


  2. Congrats to middlest. Way to go!
    Love the pics and instagram is fun!

  3. Oh, I trip to the mall! Totally worth the 5 hour trip to some game...OMG the mall!!! xo

  4. You have quite the busy life. sounds like mine! But we aren't involved in soccer currently, no that is reserved for our rainiest months of October to March, yes, that way we all get a chance to use our rain boots, hand warmers and umbrellas regularly. No, I get to hang out at track meets which run for a gazillion hours in the said rain {cause somehow the weather gods are mixed up with January this month!}

    Are you looking forward to summer vacation like I am???


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