Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Wordful Wednesday: "Sometimes" Brought To You By *Instagram

Sometimes I forget to look up.

Sometimes I forget to buy groceries = fries for after school snack.

Sometimes I forget about shoes at the back of my closet.

Sometimes spring soccer feels more like winter soccer.

Sometimes she just melts my heart.

Sometimes this is the only thing between me and outdoor sanity.

Sometimes a haircut changes everything.

Sometimes you fall off the wagon and then you get back on.

Sometimes this cup of Jo is the only thing between me and indoor sanity.

Sometimes I want to stop time.

Sometimes cropping makes me very happy.

Sometimes I wonder why they are growing up so fast.

Sometimes old memories need to be written down.

Sometimes it's the little things that really count.

Sometimes Ice Cream cake must be bought.  Thanks Grandma!

Sometimes school will feel like it will last forever.

Sometimes waiting is a full time job.

Sometimes you can't believe that eight years just went poof!

Sometimes the world feels small.

Sometimes no has to be the answer.

Sometimes skies are grey.

Sometimes you look and see your baby again.

Sometimes one never knows what might happen next...

Sometimes the one hundredth zillionth pair is the one... and then sometimes not.

Sometimes the sun does shine in the north : )

And sometimes? 
It's just a KD kind of night.

*Instagramming from June 10-25


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  1. I love being your instagram friend Dana!
    And, I feel the same way about my sleeping boy. When he is sleeping, he looks the most like my little baby I try hard to remember.

  2. thank you for explaining to the world what's in my head, too.

  3. Love this! I got to the end and wanted more, ha.

  4. Love your post!!!! "All" the time!

  5. I love that it's officially called "Kraft Dinner" in Canada - because that's what I call it...but it's not labeled that here.

    Also - bangs! Love!

  6. I love all of your pics and I am going to figure out how to follow on instagram. The coffee...the bangs...the back on the wagon and the time stand still. I hear ya!

  7. This list of sometimes made me very happy! I absolutely loved it.

  8. Tell me what your girls think of your blog?

    Your lovely lovely words on this blog.


  9. Oh I just love the way you see things. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to step back and see what used to and what could be, instead of only what is. Hope you have a very special week!

  10. I just love how you play with your words and i have to admit that most of what you've said are true.
    Ed Butowsky


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