Wednesday, July 25, 2012

She's Seventeen

I knew it would happen.
In fact I think I may have planned it.
As soon as I announced I wasn't blogging this summer 
my little inner voice woke up.
It sounded a little like this...
Wha? Hey? But but? Whadabout this? and that? and this and that?
Who are you kidding?  Pfft... taking the summer off, my foot.

Thankfully I didn't completely lose my mind
and I've been taking pictures like a crazy woman.
So to be honest I'm feeling a little chatty.
So many wonderful memories are being made this summer.


We celebrated Eldest's seventeenth birthday a few days ago.
And even as I write this it just about knocks the breath out of me.
I know she is seventeen.
She is definitely seventeen.

Apple edit
But how in the @$## can she be seventeen?
I mean I knew they grew up?
She's been living in our house for heavens sake.
I've been participating in the whole shebang.
I wasn't aware however that I wouldn't be in charge of the speed
in which they were allowed to do it.

Wish someone would have warned me.
.... oh yeah they did.
Every mother I passed in the street would wistfully say...
Enjoy it
It goes by so fast.
And now my baby is holding babies.

And I want to stop time.
Not really... but sort of.
Hard to explain really.
I just want to have the moments stamped a little stronger in my memory bank.
So in a frantic try, I'm taking pictures.

So this is my memory page.
My Eldest' turned seventeen memory page.

She is working full time.
She started a running program.
She is learning how to longboard.
She worked really hard at school this year.
She is smart.
She is kind.
She has a boyfriend.
His name is Andrew Garfield.
She has his picture on her wall.
I really like him.
Her dad is OK with it.

She is deciding whether or not to dye her hair lighter or go darker.
For now it's a compromise.
She loves Urban Outfitters.
She listens to vinyl records on her portable record player in her bedroom.

She's a girly girl.
She's a tomboy.

She can shop like the best of them.
And she loves a good deal.
She loves fashion and music.
In that order.

She loves dressing up.
We need to get rid of some of her shoes.
She has to curl her eyelashes so that they don't hit her glasses.


She has toe issues.
She recently diagnosed herself with Misophonia.
I've told her to get over it... quickly.

She's messy.
She's grumpy.
She's happy.
This year she stretched her ears.
This year she also stopped stretching her ears.
One of these things has made me very happy.
Bangs yes?
Bangs no?
Around and around she will forever go.

She texts.
She drinks coffee.
She prefers tea.
She wonders what she should study after high school.
She loves family.
She doesn't yet know what she will do.
She wants to travel.
She wants to study.
She is smart.
She is impatient.
She wants answers.

She passed her drivers.
She wants to buy a car.
Her mom drives her crazy.
She drives her mom crazy.
It's a win win situation.

IMG_7080 copy
She knows God has a plan for her.
She's a good listener.
She's a good sister.
She's a good daughter.
She is ours.
She's seventeen.

Love you G.

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  1. Sweet birthday post! She shares a birthday with me. Only I'm much older than 17! My oldest baby now has two babies of her own. It flies by.

  2. 17 is such a great age. I know you both will savor it. BTW, the photo of her in glasses in the car is mondo beyondo. Beautiful and funny are a powerful combo.

  3. That was such a sweet tribute! You have a beautiful daughter!

  4. I'm sobbing uncontrollably reading this post. 17? Gulp. I think I need a good ear stretching.

  5. Oh, Dana, such wonderful words....sounds a bit like my oldest daughter! She keeps me on my toes that girl...and I'm so glad she's my daughter!

  6. Happy Birthday to a beautiful young lady!

  7. yes, every wise mom told us in the grocery store... it goes by too darn fast. i think i was too busy wishing bedtime to lisen. and it is all bittersweet... wanting the precious little moments to last forever, all the while loving the woman she is becoming. my girl is just months past eighteen... and it is lovely and awful all at once. and i wouldn't change a thing. happy birthdya to your girl.. she is beautiful.

  8. Happy birthday to Eldest. This is one moving and beautiful tribute which speaks to a mother's love. In just a few short weeks, I send my youngest off to college. Where did the years go? Where, oh, where?

  9. What a sweet tribute! Happy Birthday G! My D turns 18 in two months- gah! And she heads to your neck of the woods to go to university. Time does fly quickly but I love how they are growing up and becoming amazing persons! Sounds like your G is pretty awesome. HAve a great summer Dana!

  10. Absolutely beautiful...words from you .... And her. Congrats on 17 fabulous years. What a great girl...and awesome Mom!

  11. A totally cool cake for a totally cool girl!


  12. She's gorgious! Just keep her at 17 and don't let her grow up. That's what I plan to do...only I think I will have a house in the backyard called the 17 year old house. Think that will work? Ehhh...

  13. Hi Dana, greetings from Northern Ontario. I'm just stopping by to say how delightful your blog is. Thanks so much for sharing. I have recently found your blog and am now following you, and will visit often. Please stop by my blog and perhaps you would like to follow me also. Have a wonderful day. Hugs, Chris

  14. I apologize for just now getting around to commenting on this post. I did see it earlier! Your daughter is GORGEOUS! Happy birthday to her! Love the rainbow cake too. My mom and sis made one for me a couple of years ago, and it is my favorite birthday cake ever.

    Hope you are enjoying your summer and your blog break.

  15. wow had me in tears!!
    such a wonderful post for a wonderful girl!!
    happiest 17th birthday!
    have a happy day

    love what you said about stamping it deeper into your memory!!
    i did take that loooooong summer blog break so i am way behind with that "stamping"!:)

  16. What a wonderful tribute to a lovely daughter. Both of my kids headed back to college yesterday, so I know all about that growing up thing. Where did the babies go?

  17. oh how sweet! My oldest turned 15! She is learning to drive. Its crazy! BTW, your daughter is beautiful!

  18. Your daughter is gorgeous. I remembered when I was that age I was hurrying to be all grown up. lol. Sweet times. Such a great tribute for her seventeenth birthday.

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  19. She is beautiful. Your photos of her are beautiful. The love in this post is beautiful. Just beautiful.


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