Wednesday, August 15, 2012

A Haircut For Cancer.. Superhero Style

Youngest's hair was long.
Very long.
She loved her long hair.
What she didn't love was brushing her hair.
Due largely to her arch enemy.... known to locals simply as... Tangles.

We had only a few days before we were off for our summer vacation.
A vacation that involved a lot of camping.
A vacation that would provide fewer shower options.
A vacation with many opportunities for her nemesis to rear it's ugly head.

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We had been struggling with tangles for awhile.
Youngest wanted to cut her hair just a little bit, and then not a little bit.
Tears were shed over the daily indecision, and also the tangles.

When we realized Youngest's hair had become very long.
We realized a haircut could be become a wonderful act of service.
An act of service which would help other children who did not have hair.
So we walked to the hairdressers where she could make a difference.

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When Youngest realized her contribution would help children suffering from cancer,
it became an easy decision.
One day before our vacation began, Youngest became our hero.

She wore a black cape.
She was nervous, but brave.
The hairdresser cut off more than she had expected.
It didn't help matters that she whispered this to her mentor who stepped in to check the damage.

But after some collaborating between the two stylists a wonderful cut emerged.

We didn't recognize her.
Who was that girl in the window?

Untitled  Untitled
Thankfully she loved it.
Especially since it meant the end to her nemesis.
Tangles became a thing of the past.

And a life without tangles... we have discovereed... is  a very good life.
For everyone : )

After returning home from our vacation.
The hair was packaged and sent off to a hair restoration clinic.
A thank you note was sent a week later to let us know what would happen to the ponytail.

Youngest's hair was sent to their wig making factory in Europe,
where hers along with eight other donations would make a child without hair very happy.

Youngest is currently growing her long hair back.
We are hoping tangles will not become a part of her ever evolving look.

But if we do end up battling Tangles again?
We know there is always a way of defeating those nasty knots. 

It involves the simple donning of a black Superhero cape.


PS: Just in case you happen to have your very own Superhero... here is a link to several Canadian donation addresses: Kids For Cancer Hair Donation

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  1. Such a beauty...and a hero at the same time!

  2. I love her hair! What a wonderful way to give others!

  3. oh her new do looks oh so sweet!:)
    what a hero.
    have a happy day dana

  4. Wonderful! I think the short haircut looks adorable on her.

  5. She is abeauty, inside and out.

  6. Love this,dana....her new haircut is perfect!

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  8. She is so pretty, and I especially love that last photo. Beautiful girl, beautiful cause to donate to!


  9. Boy is she ever a cute girl both with long hair and with her new short do! I think the short haircut looks so stylish!

  10. Man, do you grow some beautiful girls! Love youngest's new hair cut. Wish it could be mine!

  11. how beautiful! not just the hair but the selfless act of giving of oneself to another in their time of need... especially when its a child dealing with cancer. thank you so very much! you see we have a young girl at our school who has been a recipient of this kind of love. so once again thank you!

  12. What a beautiful heart and face.

  13. What a sweet soul! Her haircut is absolutely, positively, adorable!

  14. She looks gorgeous!

    I know quite a few young women who have donated their hair to Locks of Love, and it is a meaningful experience for everyone involved. Kudos to her!!


  15. I L-O-V-E the hair cut!!

  16. How impressive, and the new cut is super chic and sophisticated!

  17. What a beautiful thing for her to remember, for her to know, of what she's done for someone else.

    To give so intimately of yourself.

    This will be something she uses when she thinks about who she is, and what she stands for.

    An incredibly important moment in character formation.

    Loved it, Dana.

  18. What a beautiful spirit. She would be gorgeous bald...but her act of love made her even more incredible in my view.

    This made me tear up.

    Your family is lovely.

  19. I love the new hairstyle, it suits her very much. You must be so proud to have such big hearted girls - well done in the parenting department. BRAVO!

  20. My youngest did this also. She loved the gesture, and the result.

    Your youngest is beautiful, with either haircut.

  21. Love, love, love the new, short hair. What a wonderful act to donate her hair to a child struggling with cancer. Bless her.

  22. Oh she is beautiful and looking VERY OLD. Tell her to stop that. Also, what an incredible thing to do. Beautiful. xoxo

  23. Wow, what a moving piece. This is one decision that has such positive ramifications. And a decision I'll be she -- or you -- never forgets.

  24. Oh my cuteness!! She is adorable. And Yay! My niece will be needing a wig soon so thanks!


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