Monday, September 17, 2012

Money Shot Monday

I was never allowed to dye my hair.

To be honest it never really interested me anyway.
I was happy to be a redhead.
No one I knew at school had the exact colour I did.
A childhood friend, Anne, had red hair too but we had slightly different shades.
I felt unique.

Then came along my daughter.
Her natural hair is beautiful.
An almost black brown.
Shiny and lustrous.

Yet she likes dying her hair.

And for some reason I'm OK with it.
I think it's because she leaves the top alone and just tinkers with the ends.
Her natural colouring frames her face and she still looks like her.

We took this shot on Friday.
This hair colour is temporary and fades out over time.
I wanted to capture it's brilliant hue before she washed it.

We were driving home after picking her up from work.
She worked Friday, Saturday and Sunday.  
She was tired.
It's her last "three day" shift now that school is in.

I looked at her as we drove down our street and said,
"The light it really beautiful, perfect for a few shots."
She wasn't interested, "I have sooo much homework."
I told her I hadn't gotten a shot of her new colour and was hoping too
before she washed it.

She looked at me, sighed and said... "OK....five minutes.... max."

This was the money shot.

Worth a million bucks to me.


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  1. Definitely worth a million bucks! 5 minutes is all it really takes!

  2. Glad she gave you 5! Beautiful,

  3. Plenty of time for someone as talented as YOU! :) She is such a pretty girl.

  4. She is simply lovely.

    And yes, that is the money shot.


  5. So beautiful. Love your (camera) eye... My 16yo lightened the underneath layer of her hair, not brave enough to do the whole bottom, but she too has naturally dark-brown, almost black.

  6. what a beauty!
    that light...gorgeous.
    have a happy day dana

  7. I'm late commenting but your daughters are so beautiful. (And you're photography ain't bad either.)

    Some day I'll have to tell you the story about when I dyed my hair green (not purposely of course) a week before graduation.

  8. Definitely a money shot. Worth the five minutes she gave you. What was her reaction?

  9. The title sure doesn't lie! That is an amazing photo!

  10. The money shot it is! fabulous photo!

  11. Love that beautiful ombre hair.

    And I was so happy the picture was of your gorgeous daughter...and not a picture of a stack of quarters.

    Get it?

    Money shot?

    Oh geez.

    Never mind!

    Hi anyway.


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