Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Summer Is Over

Summer is over.
I just can't believe it.
I was trying to ignore it.
But I can't really because the girl's are back in school.
This will be their second week.
Eldest is in grade twelve. (She was not going to school until the next day)
I can't b.e.l.e.i.v.e. how young her mother looks...

The temperature for the next two nights will be dipping precariously close to freezing.
A mere four degrees lower and we're goners.
It may as well be Christmas.
If you ask Costco... it already is.

I'm still wearing flip flops though.
Why?  Because I'm having a hard time saying goodbye to summer.
Besides even though it's close to freezing in the mornings,
by the afternoon you'd swear it was a beautiful summer's day.
The beauty of the north.

If you were following us on Instagram
you saw much of what we did over the last two and a half months.
Unlike Instagram though this post is not necessarily in chronological order.

Our big summer holiday was camping in the Rockies in Kananaskis.

We holiday"ed"it with the grizzlies!

no. really.

Grizzlies walking just a hundred yards from our trailer.

We went to the farm with the mice

We managed to complete one craft... twice.
It was way better than I expected so I will be sharing it with you later on down the blogging road.

We found a new way to do laundry.
Thank you Agronomist for installing my new state of the art dryer : )!
I have now found a new photography niche.
Post to come : )

Youngest rode horses.
We weren't able to buy her a horse so instead she had to settle for a hamster.
Middlest volleyballed.

Eldest got her license and worked full time.

We went to a wedding.

We celebrated a few birthdays.

We fished.

We went to an Agronomist family farm reunion.
We played baseball there.

No one on The Agronomist's side is competitive at all....

I managed to visit both my sister's in Calgary and took some great photos of their homes.
The tours have also been penciled in to my blogging calendar.

We ate at Evelyn's.
A little place we found out about on TV.
All I have to say is... peach pie.

We bought a new (first for us) patio set.
Good bye picnic table...sniff.
We are all grown up now.

The Agronomist planted a canola crop,
which his father-in-law inspected.

But the only thing that has been harvested so far?
Is tomatoes.

All in all,
It was a darn good summer.


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  1. Looks like a great summer! I was having trouble letting go of it myself (even after my eldest went off to college and her sister started 7th grade). The weather is starting to feel a bit like fall in the mornings and evenings but hot in the middle of the day like you're I'm still wearing sandals and flip flops.

  2. I'm so envious of your summer. Somehow it all looks so fun and relaxing and mine seemed so rushed and frantic. I love all your photos, but the BESTEST is the one of your sister's house. Can't wait to see the tour! It looks very mid-Century, which I love.

    Happy Autumn. I'm settling in, too, and hope to take it at a more enjoyable pace than summer.

  3. Great recap. Amazing adventures and milestones too. Great to see you here and looking forward to more! The pics are fab! Of course!

  4. Hi Dana! I loved seeing your summer recap. Those pictures from the Rockies are stunning! I can't wait to see the pictures you took of your sisters' homes. I am a lurker like that. :) I LOVE seeing inside someone else's home. I can't believe your cold temps already. So hard to imagine...send some of it our way. Can't wait to see your upcoming blog posts.


  5. welcome back! missed your posts. loved seeing your family and all the neat things you got to do. two things: you're kidding about the weather, right? and as for mice: one word -- hantavirus.

  6. Looks like you had a wonderful and full summer. I loooove the Kananaskis. So beautiful. When I went though, I stayed the wimpy way, in a lodge.

    I saw that show and Evelyn's is on my list of Calgary places to eat. We're gonna make a weekend of it and see how many we can hit up.

    Enjoy some time off with the girls in school.

  7. hi there,
    glad to see you back:) you guys have been living life and your summer looks like a ton of fun! and im with nicolle.....send some of that weather our way. although near freezing is a bit much i'd take the 60's!:) can't wait to see more of what you have in store for us.
    have a happy day dana

  8. No wonder you have a hard time saying good-bye to summer!


  9. Oh this looks fabulous. Next year we are coming North to camp Dana. xo

  10. I'd say. A good summer... Thanks for sharing your, as always, lovely images.

  11. Fabulous post as always! And yes, what is it with Costco and Christmas decor in August???


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