Tuesday, October 09, 2012

A Calgary House Tour: Sister #2 Lives Here

This past weekend we drove to Calgary.
We enjoyed Thanksgiving with the whole clan.
I once again enjoyed visiting with my sisters.

While I had a chance to show the pictures I took
of Organized Sister's house a few weeks back.

I never got around to giving you a tour of Youthful Sister's House.
You can find out a little more about her HERE.

She was more than happy to open her doors for you my readers.
She is till figuring out her space.
The decisions she and her husband have made so far?
Have been right on the money.

Both my sisters have beautiful homes.
With very different looks.

Youthful Sister and her husband have embraced a clean post modern inspired look.
That artwork is a photo printed on special metallic paper.
It looks amazing in person.

You would not believe how comfortable these Eames inspired chairs are.
In fact after visiting this past weekend,
I am trying to find a pair just like them for our own home.
I know I know,
I'm a copycat.
This Stereo is a bonafide retro one, which they found completely restored.
The Macbook? It offers a nice modern contrast don't you think?

My sister picked out this pendant lamp for over her dining room table
against the advice of a decorator.

I am so glad she did.

The house is always filled with light and this pendant adds the perfect amount of sparkle.

Touches of green and yellow can be found throughout.
It's adds a great energy to the house.

Their nieces also fit nicely into the decor don't you think?

These chairs recline my friends.
Oh yes they do.

My sister and her husband have two boys.
The house is one that is lived in, while still looking beautiful.
It is not a "don't touch" house, if you know what I mean.

Sitting down for a cup of coffee and looking out at the beautiful front garden was really nice.

Especially when you're sitting under this lamp.

Green and yellow with grey walls.
It just works.

They drove to a city three hours away to sit on this couch
just to make sure it was comfortable before buying it.
Now that... is taking your tushee seriously.

What has been added to this nook since our visit this summer,
(which I forgot to take a picture of this past weekend)
is white wallpaper with silver circles.

It looks just like this: (Thank you internet images : )

She will be adding either a large circular mirror into the space or white shelves.
She hasn't decided yet.

Some more artwork.

And a herb chart my mother gave to each of her daughters.

Sunshine everywhere.

The kitchen was renovated just before they bought the house.
While not the look she would have chosen,
she makes it work.

A coffee table that is gorgeous and dangerous.
It has singlehandedly taken out most of my family's shins.
But we will forgive it, since it looks so crazy cool in the space.

My sisters all love to grow flowers.

It is a beautiful home both inside and out.

I can't wait to see how the house continues to evolve.

It was so beautiful I just couldn't help myself.
I laid down in the flower bed and called it a day.

Thank you sister for the lovely visits both this past summer and this past weekend.
We look forward to being able to return the hospitality.


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  1. Very cool house. I covet ALL the chairs.


  2. What a lovely home! I really love the lamp.

  3. You sisters all have such style! Love the front of youthful sisters house...the green with the stone. Your pictures are gorgeous as usual...both the house and your pics are magazine worthy!

  4. I love her style.

    You are definitely cut from the same stylish cloth!

    Very cool!

  5. Love the modern..but homet feel. And the flowers just scream for someone to lay in the middle of them. Yes!

  6. very nice. I so wish I could grow pretty flowers!

  7. Who would not love your sister’s house, Dana? It is really wonderful! And although it leans more on a modernistic design, it didn’t fail to bring out a comfortable and relaxing feel, both inside and outside the house. And their chandelier is really something!

    Verna Andrews @ RE/MAX Real Estates Advocates


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