Thursday, December 03, 2009

Front Door Decor

Christmas Arrives At Bungalow'56
My sister sent an email to show me her  Front Door Decor. She's the crafty one in the family. Don't get me wrong, I love to flip through Ms.Martha as much as the next person, but I am simply a spectator.  A spectator who often dreams of great craft creations, but knows better than to try.  Why, you ask?  Well my attention span has never been long enough to enable me to complete these wonderful tasks.

So when I received the picture above, I uncharacteristically (as there is absolutely no sibling rivalry in our family)  felt the urge to be...Crafty.

I knew it was time to pull out my old Christmas wreath.   Over the years the plastic apples have frozen and peeled leaving a white crackled apple beneath which I think is quite unique and charming?   Usually this is all that adorns my front door, but this year I decided if Crafty sister could pull something together and send it off for all to admire,  I too could create a door scape to let the world know it is Christmas at Bungalow'56.

So what to do?  What to do?  The mail box was a bit of an eyesore, I've been meaning to paint it since we moved in...ten years ago.  The "No Flyers Please" sticker which used to be a bright green had faded to a light aqua.  I needed something to cover it?  But what?

I knew it when I saw it.  A large red bow adorned a gift my daughter had wrapped for her sister on the living room coffee table.   I snatched that bow off the gift wrapped box and knew that somewhere inside me there was a Crafter trying to get out.

 I stuck that bow on the mailbox and Voila, bow and wreath= instant Christmas.  It was good,  I could feel it...but something was missing?

A child's red snow shovel was just around the corner where my youngest had left it after helping The Agronomist shovel the driveway.  After placing it just so, under the mailbox I knew my work here was done, all three minutes of it.  Martha eat your heart out.  And Crafty sister... Thanks for the inspiration!

Merry Christmas from Bungalow '56's door to yours!

PS:  The Agronomist feels the shovel should be placed facing outward, and as usual he's right.
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  1. Great job Mother! =)

  2. I think you need some mailbox inspiration...

  3. Its tough having sarcastic children....hmm I wonder where she ges it from?

  4. Thanks Janna, I have been mailbox impaired for awhile. I have a can of white spray paint waiting in the wings but I'm not sure it will look good or just stand out too much on the left side. I'm thinking large white numbers might also be needed above it and get rid of the black ones on the door.

  5. I love this! I also like the idea of really large white numbers on the right of the door to balance the window on the left...or big black numbers on a white background.

  6. Here's another great wreath craft that the girls could get into...

    And I'm not sure if you have seen my mailbox but I just bought a cheap white one from Canadian Tire (about $11 dollars) painted the top a bright green with spray paint and slapped a stencil on the front. It was so quick and easy. I think the mailbox could be addressed in the new year?

  7. Definitely on my To Doodle list!


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