Sunday, December 06, 2009

Off To The Farm...

Where Secrets Will Be Revealed...
While I may on occasion refer to myself as Mrs. Mess, I think it is important for you to know that I married a man, who's chic, Julia Child-esque mother is... not messy.  That's all you really need to know.

This is what you see as you walk into the Farm house.  We were there, so that I could learn how to make a specialty dish The Agronomist loves.  Did I mention I'm not really a good cook? No? Well... I'm not really a good cook.  You know what though, I'm an eager student,  and I did learn how to make a special Christmas dish at the farm this weekend, and if I can do it anyone can.

While you stare at this beautiful tree, I will ignore the plastic container drawer that needs organizing and say no to the cookies and chocolates calling my name.  Instead I will download a pictorial of me making the Top Secret family recipe (just revealed to me yesterday) called Tourtiere.  I had myself a little giggle just now, as I realized I am about to write a  "how to cook somthin" post.

Keep in mind, it is a delicious pie I have been devouring every Christmas since I met The Agronomist.  It is often referred to in Anglophone circles as "meat pie," but it tastes sooo much better with a sexy French accent, just try it ... Tourtiere...are you feeing it?  Did I mention The Agronomist is French (Canadian)?  Non? Well he is.  Aren't I a lucky, messy, little Anglophone? (Just to keep the record straight.  I'm using the word little very loosely here.) Pin It


  1. Is the recipe still a secret? Can you send that to me please! I have known and loved this pie intimately as a preferred Christmas treat when back home and would love to add the recipe to the pile (with mom's trifle) of 'things I dream about but will probably never make over the holiday season'.

  2. a) This is a fantastic blog, Dana. Very well written, lots of great photos and a clear voice. It feels like it's been around for ages, in a good way.
    b) Your house glows with something that is more important than tidiness (not that I ever thought your house was messy), which is hospitality. That is a genuine gift, in all senses of the word. Your house feels like a home, and not everyones does.
    c) I like you more now that I know you have Asics.


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