Monday, January 11, 2010

A Backyard Skating Party

What a wonderful treat.  We were invited to a skating party.

It was actually the birthday party of our middle child's bosom buddy. But we managed to worm our way in.

It was only 5:30, but the northern sky was starting to darken.  And it seemed my children thought it was time to hunker down and settle in for the night.

The girls do in fact know how to skate, but once that sky starts to change, lounging around seems to be a habit no matter where they happen to be.  Especially if a technological instrument, such as a cell phone or computer is within arms reach.  In this case a new Flip created this Magpie moment.

"Get up!"

"Get up and skate like the wind!"

I yelled from the side door as I sipped my coffee . . . did I mention I have bad knee?  (The doctor prescribed intense coffee drinking and sport watching to help strengthen it, and I pride myself on being a very good patient.)

Surprisingly, this raucous "doctor prescibed" behavior seemed to confuse them. . . or so I thought.

They were simply pretending I wasn't there, and chose to ignore the strange lady they used to call Mother.

But I didn't give up.  I yelled it again.  "Skate like the wind!"

"You have some of Rocket Richard's blood in you from waaaaay back . . . You're French Canadian, aren't you?"

Well that perked them up and away they went.

Everything was a blur.  It was hard to catch them.

Big sister helped little sister.  See the wind?  See that wind?

Until . . . someone yelled . . .


And that was the end of that.

Thank you Bosom Buddies parents for being such wonderful hosts, and for sharing with us, one of the most beautiful backyard skating rinks we have ever enjoyed.

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  1. What fun! It looks quite impressive and what memories for your kiddos!

    Have a greatly blessed day!!!

  2. It's getting a little tedious always having to write what fantastic photos you take Dana. Please put some rubbish ones in soon.


  3. Love to have a backyard like that too. So much fun to play.

    Deirdre G


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