Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Books "Enhance" Our Lives

After a week and a half of -30 C temperatures, and overcast skies, it has been a wonderful reprieve here with the sun shining brightly and temperatures hovering around 0.  This is something to be celebrated in Northern Canada.

"What do you say kids?  Should we bust out the moves and do something crazy?  Mom will provide you with excitement beyond your wildest dreams. . .

. . . let's go to the Library!"

Our brand spanking new "State of the Art" library is only a mere 200 metres from our doorstep?  I was pulling out all the stops!

The girls are always very eager to walk over.  In fact, right after my announcement they were off the ground skipping and jumping, as merry as could be. . . can't you see their excitement?

I don't think the offer by their Mother to buy them a Frozen Hot Chocolate  while we were there (because that's what we drink on a warm summer-like day here in Northern Canada) had anything to do with their exuberance.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with it at all.

They don't even like Frozen Hot Chocolate.

I had to force them to drink it.

I suppose you could say. . . they are always thirsting for knowledge.

They make their mother so proud.

If I want to travel to Uruguay, it's a mere flip of a page.  If I want to learn the art of Belly Dancing....well, lets just say, life as I know it, is a mere page away from being incredibly enhanced.

Can I use the word enhanced here? . . . it made me smirk a little bit.  Truthfully, I'm not sure if I would go for "incredibly" enhanced,  I think maybe more of a natural look would be better. I bet there is a book here about the difference . . .

Maybe you could just excuse me for a moment,  while I go and check out some books on Self-Image.

The girls love to blip (that's techie talk for scan) the hundreds of tomes of Shakespeare and Ulysses they usually have piled up. OK, maybe there are perhaps one, maybe two  Franklin DVD's peeking out there.

It doesn't appear that there is any limit to the number of free books we are allowed.  It all depends on how much weight we can carry with us;  sometimes I bring our wagon.  Can you believe this is legal? I often feel like the lady in the IKEA commercial who yells to her husband,  start the car, staart the car!

Not only do we enjoy the high tech experience of check out, we also love the fact that we can eat and drink at the library.

"I think that's our order honey, can you get it for me?"

Who needs a Chapters I ask?  Free books, specialty coffees and amazing art, how did I get so lucky in this life?

"Excuse me kids.  I need you to tell the Agronomist something for me.

I'm not leaving.

Yes, that's right, I want to live here.

Now go home and make supper, and remember to visit me everyday."

That brings us to the end of this chapter of Bungalow'56.  Forever and ever, Amen.

 . . . I need to go look up something.

Now does Einhancement start with an I or an E?

(Thank you youngest one for taking this picture :)
(But really. . .who needs enhancement? . . . when you can use Photoshop?)

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  1. We're having a "heat wave" here in southeastern Minnesota too, where the temp reached 28 degrees yesterday. That's quite a change from minus 28 on Saturday.

    Like you, I love libraries and books. My three "kids" (two are now adults) also enjoy reading. However, we can't eat or consume beverages in our library. Is that common in Canadian libraries? Just wondering.

    I'm enjoying your engaging blog posts and photos.


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