Friday, January 22, 2010

Ya Ba Da Ba Doo!

My View 
I can't believe a week has passed and it's Family Fun Friday again.  Last week we went bowling.  It was raining and our planned skating activity was kiboshed.  Secretly I would choose bowling over skating any day, but don't tell the Agronomist.  How unCanadian of me. . . I know,  but my reasons are strongly researched and would hold up well in court.

Bowling Court.

Yes your Honour,  it's warm, there is a snack bar, there are many breaks between the bouts of tremendous physical exertion,  falling is unusual not a given, and last but not least, those shoes you get to wear are darn funky! (not to mention comfortable)

Five Pin Bowling is where it's at folks, on so many levels.
It has educational, physical and emotionally satisfying virtues.

Fred Flintstone was a genius.

It is an educational experience, as reading and math are required to participate.

Physical stamina is required and deep breathing is used when waiting for the pins to detangle.
This well known Yoga "bowlng" pose is aptly named Yoga Lane Pose,
not to be confused with the popular Yoga Lion Pose.
As bowlers in these parts have been known to throw out anyone who roars and sticks their tongue out while waiting for their pins to realign.

Any frustrations you may have inadvertently carried in with you
can be smacked to high heaven with the swing of a brightly coloured, round, palm sized, dead weight. Visualization can also be used in this process, 
creating a firm picture of that which you choose to annihilate. 
Strong words, I know, but oh so cathartic.

The exhilaration one feels when those taunting white pins keel over, is next to none.

All I can really say to express my admiration for this fine sport is:

Ya Ba Da Ba DOO!

(How can you not LOVE this sport with that kind of view?)

(Yes Your Honour, Guilty As Charged)
(Yes Sir, I do realize this is a family show)

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  1. Oh, how I loooooove bowling! We went on New Years Day with our kids and a bunch of our friends. As sucky as I really am, I actually WON a game! Although I was confident that I was going to cannuck myself in the back of the head with my ball. For whatever reason I fling my cotton-pickin arm back so hard when I throw the ball.

    Good gravy, my obituary will someday read, "poor son-of-a-biscuit died honorably whilst bowling...."

    Anyway, glad you all had fun!


  2. I think bowling is very fun, and now that I live in Wisconsin, it's much more popular here. The old ladies go from their golf leagues in the summer to their bowling leagues in the winter. And it's a looooong bowling season. I guess something has to get them through the winter.

    I hope I am not living here when I am their age, but if I am, I'm sure I will be in a league.

    And I agree, much more comfy than skating. I will only skate if it's just around freezing and no wind. Why be miserable?


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