Wednesday, January 27, 2010

A Mother's Perspective

Haiti and Me

Our family does not subscribe to cable or satellite TV.  
We started our TV free existence as a Lenten fast of  the non-food variety four years ago. 
After Easter had come and gone, it was almost summer and we figured we wouldn't miss the re-runs, 
so our TV connection was put on hold.  
By the next fall, we realized being without TV was no longer a hardship.  
To be clear, we are not against watching TV.  
Our girl's watch plenty with Satellite available at Grandma's three blocks away 
and at Nana's who has an extra TV in her bedroom especially for their viewing pleasure.

You might be wondering what this has to do with Haiti and me? 
Well,  being without TV has allowed me to be disconnected from the barrage of images and stories pouring into the homes around me.  
I have been oblivious to the scale and magnitude of destruction.  
That is, until today.  
Today I had the pleasure of reading a favourite fellow blogger's post on Haiti, which you can find here.  Her attitude of gratitude hit a chord with me, and I began looking at the day before me with new eyes.

Later in the day I was driving my youngest to piano lessons, and began listening to CBC radio.  
Normally I find a station with upbeat music, 
but today the interview was with a young 13 year old girl who had survived the Haitian earthquake.  
Her voice was tired, as she explained she had survived while her mother had not.  
She was alone in a refugee camp, without water, food or shelter.  
She was so thirsty and hungry, she was uncertain as to whether she would be able to make it.

I look at my fourteen year old and thank God for her safety today, 
and wish, that I could somehow reach out across the world and offer this girl a drink and some food, 
and a soft place to sleep.  
I want to do it for her mother who cannot.

Tonight I will tuck my children in a little tighter.  
I will pray that the efforts being made in Haiti by so many people 
will make it in time for this 13 year old girl, who's voice I will remember 
. . . along with the ten's of thousands of others, who's stories I will never hear.

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  1. So well written.
    I haven't watched much of the news...sometimes they seem to capitalize and dramatize way too much for me. I have read a few news articles, and that's it. It doesn't take us mothers too much to be able to go there ourselves...our worst nightmare...our children without us, without anyone to take care of them.

    Love your Lenten fast...dare I do it? I'll have to think on that one. (My kids don't watch much...I'd have to give up a few of my favorites....)

  2. We are all so blessed - a thought provoking blog....we watched the news last night and they found a 14 year old girl still alive yesterday as well as a 31 year old man.Fourteen days in rubble.... Unfathomable.....again... we are blessed....

  3. Yes, Haiti is a land of total destruction and yet in contrast a land of miracles. A week after the earthquake I saw an image of something I just cannot wash from my mine. It has bothered me, troubled me and haunted me. I have really limited viewing the news since. I am thrilled every time I hear another life has been found.

    Have a marvelous day filled with blessings from above!!!


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