Friday, March 19, 2010

Flowers...well yes I like them? Who doesn't?

I have always been a little too practical for my own good.  So much so, that I was unable to appreciate flowers.
Early in our marriage, The Agronomist would every so often buy a bouquet for me.  
I couldn't help myself,  rather than enjoy their beauty,  I would, instead, silently lament over how much they cost, and I would imagine what other items the money could have been spent on.  Items I reasoned, that would not wither and die in a few short days, and therefore would be a far more responsible purchase.  

After several bouquets I decided honesty was the best policy, and explained to The Agronomist how I felt about flowers.  He being the best husband in the world took heed, and we have been petal free for years.
Was I insane?  

Who does not like flowers?  What woman in her right mind says,  Flowers? Thanks, but no thanks.

Apparently?... me. 

In my new, old age, I am saddened by my foolish younger self, who prized practicality over beauty, and realize now, how much I have been missing over the past 17 years.

But how do I tell the Agronomist? And after all these years would he listen?

Ring. Ring. Hello? 

Yes, it's me, your former Frugal Dutch wife.

I just wanted to tell you, I was mistaken... flowers are wonderful.  Yes, wonderful.  In fact they are beautiful.

What's that?

I said I was mistaken... well yes, I suppose mistaken could also mean wrong.  

Yes, I was wrong. mm hmm. wrong. 


Well, daffodil's are nice. 

hmmm...and freesia have a wonderful fragrance. 

umm, roses are always gorgeous.

and daisies are darn cute. 

But, you know what I think would suit me the best?


They are probably my absolute favourite!  

Yup, I'm sure, Carnations. They're perfect in every way.

I mean, how could they not be?  They can last at least a week, and sometimes even two!




...did I say something wrong?

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  1. You are a hoot. The practical side of us. I love it and can relate to it! Happy weekend.

  2. Were you writing about me? You could have been.

    Fortunately, I never shared my initial thoughts (like yours) about flowers with my husband. Well, I guess I did tell him not to buy me expensive roses for Valentine's Day.

    My hubby surprises me sometimes with flowers, just like The Agronomist did for you. I love best when he picks a big bouquet of lilacs for me in the spring. And, no, we don't have a lilac bush in our yard.

    I sure hope The Agronomist understands you seriously, truly meant that you were wrong about flowers.

    Isn't it interesting how our perspectives change as we age?

  3. I could've written this post myself. I generally thought they were a waste, but I do love having them around now that I have a house to enjoy them in. I just hate those colorfully dyed carnations, which my man seems to just LOVE. If they turn the water colors, I don't want them! ha

  4. Ohhh, so very true!! And I am STILL paying for it, after 15 years, lol!!!

    BTW, yes squash would be perfect in the sweet potato hotdish. I have made it with squash before, delish!!!


  5. Sara,
    You're right, I hadn't thought of that. I'll have to give The Agronomist a heads up.

  6. Thanks Cara,
    I will have to try it soon, before my squash is unusable.

  7. The Agronomist needs to buy an ENORMOUS bouquet of carnations to make up for all those years of being frugal! It is true they last forever (well a few weeks if you treat them right!).
    ~Selena via Facebook

  8. He is absolutely absolved of any frugal flower buying. I made a strict "no flowers" rule. I suffered from "Freaky Frugalness". However I have since been cured.
    Dana : )

  9. I use to have a very hard time buying flowers for the same reasons, they cost money & would just die. Then one day I realized life is too short & maybe stopping to enjoy beauty (even if fleeting) was a good thing.

  10. Thanks for stopping by my blog and making me feel better about my comment at Clover Lane. I hesitated to even do it, and hope that I didn't end up sounding antagonistic. I just really don't understand the whole us vs them concept of defining moms...

    I'm gonna enjoy poking around your blog, I can tell!

  11. I've always told my Hubby that he doesn't need to spend a bundle and warned him that he better not pay the outragous prices for roses on Valentine's, but I do like flowers now and again and have thought over years, maybe I shouldn't have been so animated when I encouraged him to not waste a ton of money on said flowers. :>

  12. You are so funny! ;) I told my hubby I wanted random acts of flowers... you know... just when ever... when you are feeling romantic... not the "valentines day" expected ones... well... 11 years later... I will just say... I will take what I can get... bring them on valentines day if that is all I can get.. .ha ha!! ;)


  13. When we were first married I had the same frugal flower freakishness. But apparently my husband is smarter than I am. He insisted that I bring home flowers from the store every week along with my regular grocery. I started out with good intentions but my thriftiness eventually got the best of me and stopped the weekly flower purchase. So the next year my husband out smarted me and prepaid for flowers from the florist next door to the grocery store. All I had to do was go in and pick them out each month. Did I pick a keeper or what? I have not thought of that gift in quite awhile, thanks for reminding me with your wonderful post.

  14. That sounds so much like my mom that it's scary. Her faves are carnations too- for the same reason.!


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