Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Picture Perfect

This past long weekend, my girls allowed me to try a mini photo shoot of sorts. I wanted to find the places in my home that offer me the best light.
This shot was taken in our front hallway with the front door open.  

This photo was taken at church on Easter Sunday where the light was streaming in.  

This photo of my second eldest, was taken as she was standing in front of the door's sidelight.  She was pushed into the coats hanging there, and was being a great sport.  I am so glad, because I love the results.

This is also looking through the window beside the front door.  I love the expression on her face.

My youngest didn't do the "official photo shoot" the others allowed me to try, but I always seem to get beautiful shots of her wherever we are.  This was also on Easter Sunday as she was sitting on the couch playing barbies with her sister.

I've been learning to bring my camera wherever I go.  And while at first I felt very awkward doing this, it is the best way to get some great photo opportunities.  Our usual piano lesson was moved to a church where I took tons of photos of the girls playing.  This is just one of many that turned out.

I also brought my camera to the dentist's office this past week, and while the dental hygienist likely thought I was a bit looney, it was worth it, because I am thrilled with this photo.  Although those darn fluorescent lights are still a challenge, I haven't quite figured out yet.

These are just a few of my favourite shots this past week.  I am learning one baby step at a time.

I had a good talking with myself, and tried to show restraint by only including a few : ) of my is a few, right?   But, just in case you enjoyed these photos, and have a hankering for more... scroll to the top navbar and click Photography where you can see some of my favourite photos which were not included here. Or have a look see at my last two posts which are filled with Easter goodness!

  But if you're in a hurry remember to come back for a visit sometime.  
In the good old words of Forrest Gump (and Megan my dearest friend). 
This blog is like a box of chocolates.  
You just never know what you might get!


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  1. I love to take my camera everywhere too! I whipped it out in a restaurant the other day! :)

  2. Your girls and photos are beautiful! love that you took pics at the dentist. awesome.

  3. Your daughters are very pretty! You did great on the photos! I wish I knee so much more about photography, but...oh well.

  4. Saw your tweet - I really need to get my act together and put a link to your gorgeous blog on mine :-)

    Your girls are just beautiful and I think your pics are great!


  5. they are all stunning!

  6. I adore the one with the pussy willows and the one in the window has a poignant quality to it that speaks to me.

  7. I love these, even the one from the dentist. I'm starting to get more comfortable bringing my camera places too & then actually using it.

  8. Those are great! You daughters are just gorgeous too!

  9. I think all of your pictures are stunning, so really, you can never include too many of them in your posts! I'm so impressed you took your camera to the dentist. Who would have thought the dentist chair would provide inspiration? Amazing!

  10. I love the picture with the pussy willows - I have a vase of them on my kitchen table right this minute!

    The one of your daughter up against the window is gorgeous, stunning, haunting... all of the above.

    I've been taking my camera with me everywhere I go too, lately. I bought it to use it, I figure. Can't use it if I leave it at home!


  11. Wow those are some gorgeous shots!

  12. Oh I love that you took your camera to the dentist office! That would be me. :o) Nice pics of your daughters.

  13. you got some amazing photos this week! your daughters are stunning!

  14. I wish I was good with a camera. Your girls are GORGEOUS. The dentist's tools made me shiver a bit, though.


  15. Your girls are beautiful. Do you take your fancy camera everywhere? I am giggling over you taking a shot at the dentist...not my favorite place but that is a fantastic shot.

  16. In response to Jen,
    I get so tired of having the same old things to take pictures of, really only around the house or maybe at school when I pick up the girls, that when I know I am going to be somewhere new, sitting around with time on my hands, I am thrilled to have something to inspire me. By the way, it was made very clear that the tools were simply "TOOTH COUNTERS." i just recently found a blog where the photographer's newest favourite place to take pictures was the grocery store. They were beautiful shots, so you never know?

  17. Really beautiful photos. Your girls are all very pretty, gorgeous actually.

    This post was very inspiring. I need to take my camera out more too.

  18. Great pictures. Your girls are beautiful.

  19. Beautiful shots! Your girls are quite photogenic too. The variety of lighting was fun to see.

  20. You really got some great shots of your beautiful daughter. You are one blessed mama! I love the piano photo. I do need to play more with my camera.

    God bless and have a terrific Tuesday!!!

  21. Wonderful photographs. Your daughters are beautiful and make stunning subjects. And I love their hair!!! Oh to have those curls. {sigh}

  22. Really great photos! It is interesting what different light does!

  23. love your photos, and love that you took your photo w you... yesterday, i took photos of a strangers {hopefully clean} laundry flapping in the breeze b/c i've been driving by it for days and keep thinking what a great shot it would make. wonder if anyone saw me?
    visiting thru m3b

  24. Dana - Your photos are stunning.
    I was @ the dentist today - now I'm upset I didn't bring my camera!

  25. you're an amazing photographer, and your daughters are beautiful!

  26. Wow--your girls are gorgeous! Those eyes! How fun they posed for you. Mine are asking for model payment these days.


  27. wow some great and inspirational shots! Love the depth of field on these. And I love the second image of her behind the flowers. Great focus and incredible lighting

  28. Really beautiful. I've heard great things about the success people have standing in their door ways. You are picture proof of that!

    My oddest best light place - our master bathroom. I sit my boys in our dry tub and the light is awesome. There is a window, but also the light from the white tub serves as a reflector to help with more light and shadows.

    It's divine!


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