Sunday, April 18, 2010

Gratitude Sunday

This week I am grateful for:
:: the two boys who recently moved in next door, who now make playing outside a lot more fun.
:: my youngest who is seven and still loves to dress up.  
:: being able to enjoy the princess years for just a bit longer.

:: for my eldest who despite being almost 15 still likes to hang out with mom : )

:: for The Agronomist who is man enough to go shopping with his girls.  
To his daughter's delight he gave his opinion on which grade nine grad dress was the best choice. 
(His good taste is always appreciated.)

:: for my middle daughter who is growing up so fast, I can hardly keep up.
:: (after watching The Bucket List) our health.
:: (after watching The Bucket List) Morgan Freeman.
:: the community I belong too.
:: the inspiring sermon I listened to today.
:: the Canadian Haiti relief song which my girls made me listen to here.
:: God hitting me over the head once again, helping me to realize, 

worrying is just a rocking chair I choose to sit in; 
wasting both my time and His.

What were you grateful for this week?

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  1. I love your gratitude sunday. I should get back to writing them but they've been hard to phrase lately ;o(

  2. So many awesome things to be grateful for!
    Life is Good!

  3. you have such a beautiful family. your pictures exude the fun had by all!
    today i'm grateful for spring weather, bikes, and spray paint (been doing a bit of snazzing up around here!).

  4. I absolutely ADORE the worry quote, comparing it to a rocking chair. As a worry wart myself... ohhhh I should write that on my desktop background and stare at it all day long.

  5. What a rich, full life you have!


  6. What gorgeous kids you have Dana!
    Love the pics and sentiment, and REALLY love that quote (maybe borrowing it as my new mantra to live by!)

    Thanks so much for sharing,


  7. I've read your comments on Lover Lane and Views from My Kitchen Sink. Glad I stopped by.
    And you have a great eye for photo. I'll be reading!

  8. So much to be grateful for - after this past weekend I'm grateful for theatre and ice cream.

    Especially for ice cream.

  9. Cute sweater in the pic w/ your daughter. I hope my daughter or sons will still want to hang with me when they're teens or even tweens.


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