Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Blog In My Head

I've written several blog posts today that I am extremely pleased with:
The first one is about how The Agronomist and myself
both travelled to Mars and Venus respectively this past week,
and how happy I am that we have both since returned to Earth.

The second one was a whole, Why am I blogging post?
And how strange to be writing down my thoughts for others to see,
and really does anyone care anyway, yada yada.
And then...well, I wrote a blog about it, so I figured it was kind of a moot point.

The third post asked the question; Were the Iconic Housewives of the 1950's truly happy?
And did they enjoy wearing crisply ironed gingham dresses and aprons?
Because I've been thinking their style was more forgiving
than the jeans with lycra we sashay around in these days.
I mean if you're the sashaying type that is, which is unlikely,
unless of course you are wearing crinolines.
And then we are back to the 1950's, so it's kind of a circular post with no end,
so I may have to work on that one.

But if you happen to like aprons here is a great giveaway from Alissa over at 33 Shades of Green.
It's an Amy Butler print if that's the kind of print that makes your crinoline skirt fly up!
I know if I didn't have my jeans on, it would for me.

The next one is concerning a question my youngest asked me recently,
"Mom is it hard work being a mommy?"
And my thesis-esque answer to the said question,
resulting in my youngest needing help with the summary,
thus involving The Agronomist, who was an innocent bystander.

I then wrote a post about how I hate my purse.
This on the tails of my losing it for the hundredth time yesterday.
I was so frustrated, I threw my purse away,
but realized it was also an innocent bystander, and retrieved it from the garbage.
The post considered the use of a de-tractable chain attached to a large bulky wallet.
It's still a work in progress,
and may have to include buying a new purse that is less prone to wandering.
This of course would strictly be for the good of my blog.

The last was a quick look at long nails and how they are truly not in a woman's best interest.
Note the reference to clickity clacking later on.

But my favourite one was the post about my daughters asking if they could please open up the never before opened box containing my wedding dress.
How they tried it on, and in a few minutes managed to make my veil look funkily cool
leaving me wishing they had been there on that day to help me look less like a
chaste eighties bride and more like a couture 60's diva.

I can't stand it, I'll have to give you a little glimpse at the fun we had.

The only problem with all these great posts which I have quickly summarized for you here,
is that I wrote them in my head.
I dictated them to myself this morning,
while I was sitting with my eldest at the local music festival waiting for her turn to play.

I guess they don't take kindly to the sound of fingers clickity clacking on a laptop while they are playing their pieces?
It's serious stuff, this adjudicating.
Plus I don't actually have a laptop so that made it extra difficult.

I will be sure to bring a pen and notepad for the rest of the week,
and try to remember the amazingly poignant and funny things I wrote in my head today.

They were Pulitzer prize contenders I tell you.

Unfortunately I can't promise I'll be able to replicate the posts here on my blog,  it's a short term memory thing.

You'll just have to take my word for their stellar quality.

And if this is your first visit to Bungalow'56, I invite you to take a look at 

 this post                              or maybe even this one        oh... and this post too

as you can see, I had many Sweet Shots this week,
and couldn't decide which you would enjoy the most.
Take care!


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  1. I do the exact same thing all the time - then get crazy frustrated when I actually have time/get on the computer and what I write down isn't nearly as good as my head blog! (For an example, see today's crappy, totally non-inspired post. And yes, I feel bad ragging on it, but I just have to face the facts.)

  2. Ha! My son was asking this weekend if IKEA was in outerspace & if we'd have to travel in a space ship to get there. I am thinking your first post would have been right up my alley after talking to him :)

    And I love the pictures, how much fun you ladies have!

  3. Dibs on your brown purse Dana!! I LOVED it when I carried it around for a little while yesterday! If you are ever seriously getting rid of it let me know!

  4. Love your blog posts Dana even the ones you never wrote. I'm reading them in my imagination... And I'm wearing a crinoline. Love the girls playing dress up in your gown. Oddly, my boys have never asked to put mine on..

  5. I have been writing posts in my head while I'm nursing. Problem is, I'm too tired to actually write them down! I am way behind on my blog reading and writing, but we are doing great and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it soon!

  6. I can't tell you how many times I have been in this exact same situation. Seriously. I am constantly composing blog posts in my head that are never actually written.

    And like you, they are all freaking amazing and drive traffic by the thousands to our site.

    Now, if only I could make this into a reality. That would really be something!

  7. You absolutely put your finger on the most valuable, important advantage of blogging! Every incident, every joy, every sorrow, every embarassing moment--every one becomes fodder for the blog. There's an old saying that if you'll laugh about it ten years from now, why don't you just laugh about it NOW? A blog helps you do that. It helps you step aside and look at your life a little more objectively--and love the story, no matter how small or embarassing or wonderful. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. okay, so apparently all us bloggers do this. all day long! i always grab my camera and think, "this is a blog post in the making!" i wake in the night writing posts. i have a notebook full of half-written posts that will never see the light of the monitor screen. don't know why. i guess it's because, just like you, in a single day i can dream up 5 or more posts!
    and as i was reading your post, i was asking myself why i'd never thought to write this one!

  9. I write posts in my head all the time too! I always hope I can get to the computer before I lose the whole darn thing. Love the pics of the girls in your dress and veil. timeless!

  10. Dana- I have a million blog posts in my head..and when I get down to actually write..I can't think of one! Love the wedding Amy Butler...can't stand long nails, I wear mine short and square...and I would love to wear 50's style dresses and aprons all day. It's more the shoes I'd be worried about...that's where I need comfort! I adore your writing style!

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  12. Okay, so I noticed a typo in my first comment after I pushed the button, so let me try again....

    I totally write the best blog posts in the shower. But, by the time I get out, dry off, get dressed and in front of the computer, they are gone. I seriously need to come up with a waterproof dictating apparatus or a shower MAC. You know the kind that you can suction cup to the wall? Perfect!

    I don't know if the 50's housewives were truly happy, but their style was truly fantastic and if you look good, you feel good right?

  13. I just got into blogging and I am ALWAYS looking for something to blog about. It makes life that much more fun! (more fun? is that grammatically correct?) Your daughters in your wedding dress...priceless!!

  14. Hi Dana - Thanks so much for blogging about my giveaway. As always, you came up with the most wonderful post, even if it wasn't the one in your head. How do I feel about 50s housewives, you ask? I'm pretty certain that I was born in the wrong era and should have been one of them! Your girls look beautiful in your wedding dress - they must have had so much fun trying it on!

  15. Oh, how precious!!! Loved this. Yes, most of my posts remain in my head.

    I do wonder about those housewives many times.

    Blessings, this was great!

  16. Dana: Your post, clearly, resonates with many of us bloggers out there. I too am constantly writing blogs in my head, carrying my camera everywhere, jotting down ideas/phrases/headlines. Some of my blogs have evolved into articles for Minnesota Moments magazine.

    I love how blogging truly makes me "see," not just "look," at life.

    Keep up your wonderful, creative writing and photography.

  17. I'm always thinking about things I'm going to blog about and then when I sit down at the computer it magically flies right out of my brain! Love the pics of the girls in your wedding dress. Would you believe I don't even know where mine is? I left it in the changing room floor when I changed clothes to leave the reception and someone (my mom maybe?) picked it up and I haven't seen it since, lol.

  18. Oh I am so right there with you with the memeory lose. I think during the day when I am taking pictures about how the picture somehow makes my mind wonder and reminds me of different things in life that are worth sharing. Then when I get home I forget all the important parts in my story and then it isn't worth writing. After having my baby my brain is so scatered. Not sure if I will ever get it all back but I try to exercise it with different activities... Anyways, this is a beautiful post and how great is it that you got to take your wedding dress out and to capture you girly in it. So pretty. Thanks for stoping by my blog and for taking the time to look around. I am glad that my camera info was able to help you and I wanna welcome you as a follower. I look forward to getting to know you too (I am following you now). Have a wonderful day.

    ~Alysha (Supermom)

  19. I am glad I am not the only one composing in my head and just as of last week got myself a little journal to carry around because 10 minutes later and I can never remember my brilliant idea! ;-)

    I LOVE that you got the wedding dress out! I hope my girls ask me so we can do the same...How fun!

  20. My mind works the same way - so many things swirling around in here. What a great idea for a photo shoot - the girls looks quite pretty in your dress.

  21. I LOVE that you got the wedding dress out. I have fond memories of trying on my grandmother's and my mother's when I was a little girl!

    Stopping by from M3B!


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