Sunday, May 30, 2010

Basking In The Big City Afterglow

This is a different Gratitude Sunday, as I am still basking in the glow of The Big City trip.  
I can't believe the week went by so fast.
While the weekend started out a little dicey (see last post), driving to this was sooo worth it.
What was unique about this five hour drive, was that it was with only one child.
For the first time ever, our youngest was travelling with mom and dad alone.

The five hour drive sans sisters to bug,  proved to be a little boring for her.  
But once we arrived she understood the perks of being an only child.
Mom and Dad took her swimming.
She slept in a Queen size bed, and had it all to herself.
Plus she, and she alone, decided which TV channels to watch.
 And of course highly intellectual choices were made at all times.  
We visited both of The Agronomist's sisters, and their dogs.  
We came armed with her Benadryl and allergy Visine drops, but to no avail.
After this cuddle session, her eyes were red and itchy... poor baby.
But she didn't mind.  As far as she was concerned it was a small price to pay.
The Agronomist's youngest sister fed us.
We like her.
She and her husband always make my girls feel special.
I made sure to take pictures of Big City houses for Bungalow landscaping ideas.
For some reason The Agronomist refused to slow down for me as I hung myself and my camera out the windows?
Sometimes I just don't understand him?
I was simply exhibiting normal blogging behavior?
He needs to be a little more on board is all I'm thinking.
Our next stop was to visit Another sister of The Agronomist's.  
She was expecting her second baby.... and was due any day.  
I snuck up to the nursery and took pictures.  Shhh.... I'll give the grand tour in a few days.
My youngest played with her cousin and had a blast being the eldest.  
The Agronomist's Second sister and husband fed us too.
We really like them.
Especially since they waited until we were out the door before she had the baby.
Congratulations on your new little (big city) boy!
Later in the day we retrieved our middle child from her whirlwind class trip, and stopped for some Sveedish meatballs before hitting the road. 
This photo was chosen to prove that my children do not always look picture perfect. 
(They are not happy about my decision in this matter.)
And no I did not find any great deals as I had been forbidden to go anywhere near the "As Is" section.

The Agronomist had places to go and people to see...namely my two sisters, it was time to visit my family in the next Big City, which was still three hours away.
We were also on our way to complete our family.  
Enough independence, Mama bear needed her cubs.
Our eldest was busy passing and serving in her last tournament as we drove down the highway.
It had only been one day, but I felt like we had already been gone for a week.
Just the way "quick weekends away" should be.

Stay tuned for more Big City excitement.
I know...I know... you can barely handle the suspense.

It's my life.

I get to live it! 
(as she throws her toque in the air)

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  1. I loved the picture of the adorable bungalow, my kids loved the picture of Phineas and Ferb.

    You're so right: digital photography takes your blog to.a.whole.nuther.level.

    I can sit still and wait for the next installment (but then you don't hear my crazy yiping and see my fingernails being crazily chewed away from over there, do you?)

    I'll wait. I'll be right here.

    I'll be ok. (think of pretty daisies...go to my happy place. Dana promises she'll be back...)

  2. Dear Empress,
    You crack me up.
    Are subjects allowed to bwahaha in your royal presence?

  3. NOT slowing down so you could take pictures out the window???

    He and I will just have to have a little chat about that.


  4. You don't have to pity compliment me on my button, you know you have the kickenest blog button out there...

  5. I agree with you that sometimes just a day or two away can leave you refreshed and with a new, appreciative perspective. Glad you enjoyed the escape. From Minnesota, land of the hat-tossing Mary Tyler Moore.

  6. Glad you were able to get away (even in the face of a snowstorm!) and yo probably needed after freaking out about your pics! I would do the same! My backup device bit the dust so I bought another one . Crazy but who wants to lose 16,000 photos? I hope things go a bit more smoothly for you now Dana! And bring on the flip flops!


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