Friday, May 21, 2010

Growing Up... and Letting Go (sort of)

When I took this candid of my eldest a few weeks ago, there was something about it that made me pause.  The picture told me something I already knew.

My little girl has grown up.

It seemed like just yesterday I walked you into your first Kindergarten class.

I still remember your first teacher, Madame Dawn,  a wonderful teacher in every way;
and how you just loved school.

But today,  your beautiful year end dress for the grade nine farewell has been hung in the closet,  and you've chosen the baby pictures for the power point presentation.

There is only one month left and you will be on your way.

I never expected the time to go by so fast.
It seems as though you should still be holding my hand.
And yet, just yesterday we were trying to decide which high school you should attend.

Is the IB program something you would enjoy?
Should you remain in French Immersion?
Where are your friends going?
What electives will you choose?

So many decisions.

I watched you walk away from the school you've attended for ten years and it struck me.

I realized you are ready.

You are no longer a child, but a young lady who needs to spread her wings.

I'm mourning my little girl, yes, but I am thrilled with the adult who is emerging.

It's mom who needs to embrace the future.

You already have.

I only ask for one thing.

Just promise me... you won't leave me behind.

Because if you do, I promise I will chase you... just to make sure you know...

I love you.

....or you can just call me mom Pin It


  1. What a touching post - and your daughter's gorgeous!

  2. I love this post. You're a wonderful mom for letting your baby girl move towards creating her own life and encouraging her to make decisions...she is beautiful! I am MANY years away from this moment but I hope I handle it with as much grace as you seem to be :)

    P.S. thanks for stopping by my WW! I love the name of your blog :)

  3. One of the most difficult aspects of parenting, I've discovered, is letting go. But this is our goal as mothers: to guide and raise our children to be independent and happy adults. Letting go isn't easy, but it's necessary. You clearly know that, Dana.

    Two of my daughters have now finished college. The second leaves for Argentina in several weeks. She studied and did mission work there for six months while in college. And I survived!

    Savor these last years with your eldest. Like you, I've learned that the years fly by and before we know it, our babies are all grown up.

    Thank you for the beautiful post.

  4. This is just how I felt when my oldest started middle school.

  5. Aww... don't make me cry right before I leave for work! not fair!

  6. AnonymousMay 21, 2010

    sigh! dana i feel your pain..
    ~A via facebook

  7. Oh. My. You make me cry every day, darnit!

  8. I've been there recently when my oldest got married. And now, a month later, my second is graduating from high school. It's hard, isn't it? To be the mom and love them and work yourself out of your job.
    But it's also glorious.
    Thanks for a great post.
    And I saw her room featured at New Nostalgia! You're famous!

  9. um...crying over here! dana, what a lovely post. so sad/beautiful/heartwrenching/lovely at the same time. it just be so hard to let go. i'm ten years from that place. it will happen in ten minutes and it scares me!

  10. Oh I'm walking this one with you girl! My 17 year old daughter is in her last year of schooling, so we are facing the leap to University next year - and she's my baby!!

  11. Just found your blog. Gah! I love this post. It totally makes me CRY! My big ballerina is 10 and I DREAD that day.

    I'll be following. :) Kim

  12. This post reminded me of a song that my daughter and I have shared for as long as I can remember. It's called Butterfly by Nicole C. Mullen. If you get a chance, you should check it out. I think you'll resonate with much of it.

  13. My youngest son is graduating in less than 2 weeks and I am having a lot of monents like this. I have had a few tears. Your daughter is so pretty and she looks so confident!

  14. My eyes are tearing up...

  15. That is just about the sweetest thing evah!

  16. I hear you! Beautifully said "I will chase you". Your daughter is gorgeous. Sounds like she is ready. Big tears over her! Mine is starting high school next year. I will chase her too! Love this!
    :) Jen

  17. AnonymousMay 25, 2010

    thanks for making me cry, Mom. And I'll always be your little girl. <3

  18. AHHHH!!
    Stab to the heart! Luckily, there's always the option to chase them down. :)
    Thank you for sharing this.


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