Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Worst Nightmare's not looking at myself in the mirror. 
Although that is a close second... r e a l l y... early in the mornings.

I have been away.
We scooted off for a wonderful extended long weekend.
We left in a raging, end of May, snowstorm.  No lie.
But it only got better and better from there.
How could it not?
Family visits, great food, laughing, shopping, watching sports, good times.
I was so thrilled to return and share all 906 pictures with you.... really... 906 over four days. 

But my worst nightmare happened yesterday.
As I was trying to download the pictures off of my camera.  
My iphoto application refused to open.
I could not retrieve any pictures.

The day before we left, we bought an external hard drive to back up our computer, but it wasn't out of the box yet.

Luckily for me, the nightmare was one I was able to wake up from.
The pictures are safely in a little black storage box as I write.  
I've been assured they are there, and the program problem will be addressed.  

But for now I do not have access to them.

If you are reading this and have not saved your pictures somewhere other than on your computer's hard drive.
Stop what you are doing, and download them somewhere safe and then continue on with your day.

You can thank me later : )

I realized my pictures are my most prized possessions, after my family, of course. 

I take pictures to remember.
Unfortunately, my own storage facility upstairs, cannot be trusted. 

I've tried wearing a hat and putting in earplugs, but nothing seems to help.  
I don't even want to think about what it would have felt like to lose the past several years.
No more living on the edge and skirting with danger for me.

I have learned my lesson.  
Back up, back up, back up... and then back up some more.
As a blogger, I am looking forward to sharing many more of my pictures with you.
And I promise I will edit the 906 down to... just... a hundred or so.
It's the least I can do.

Over and Out,
From a very lucky blogger indeed!

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  1. We have a time capsule sitting in a box as well. Hmmm... I may have to get the husband to get it set up so we don't end up in the same situation! Sorry it happened. My last pre-Mac days computer crashed with all my teaching files on it that were irretreivable. You'd think a lesson was learned from that!

    Hope to see your 906 photos soon!

  2. Whew! That is like my biggest fear! Because though I have my photos saved on various harddrives, I've only uploaded a tiny extent to Flickr, and live in fear of them going away somehow!

  3. Good heavens...never even thought of that. And here I am going nutso with the new camera taking pictures of EVERYTHING. And putting them where?

    On my computer.

    And welcome home!! Hope the snow wasn't too daunting. : )

  4. Oh, do you sound like my husband. "Back it up," back it up" I hear that so much I feel like I'm working at a truck dispatch.

  5. Dana - I am so glad your pictures are OK. Definitely my worst nightmare too. I upload all my photos to Shutterfly and keep a copy on my hard drive as well. Sometimes though I get lazy and it takes me awhile to get them on Shutterfly. For really important photos (like vacations) I like to keep a CD copy too.

  6. Dana, this happened to us with iPhoto as well and since we have exactly the same camera I think I know what happened. One night after having the baby and not being able to sleep I took around 400 photos of the house (organizing) for my blog. The camera (not iPhoto) got too bogged down to unload onto iPhoto. As soon as we deleted some photos off of the camera (we were saving a few on there) we uploaded with no problem. It might help you in the future but I totally agree with you on the external hard drive back-up. Good luck!

  7. Back up to someplace like Flickr too..if you (God forbid) had a house fire you will have nothing!!

    Listen to as I say not as I do...K? LOL Excuse me now while I upload about 16,000 photo...


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