Wednesday, June 23, 2010

It Was Impossible To Take A Bad Picture. . .

Did you ever look like this when you were 14 or 15?
What happened to that awkward stage my sister and I happen to remember very vividly at this age?
We even had the photos to help show the contrast, 
but ...ummm.. they were...ahem... only in slide form 
and unfortunately I was unable to scan them.

How lucky was I to have the opportunity to take pictures of such beautiful young ladies?
Once we moved out of that hot northern evening sun (this would have been around 9pm)
Some serious photo taking ensued.

My daughter celebrated, with her classmates, 
the end of ten years at their elementary and junior high school.

After the Family potluck and farewell,
I scooted outside with my eldest to snap some pictures.
We wanted a few group shots
and I asked her friends if they would like to have a few individual photos taken too?
Before I knew it I was in the middle of my first photo shoot.

Could you ever have dreamed of looking like this at age fourteen?

And they are as beautiful on the inside as they are on the outside.

Smart too!

Very very smart.

These are the women of tomorrow, and I think there is something you should know. . .

We are in good hands.

Can you believe those eyes?
Can you say peaches and cream?

Each girl was as uniquely beautiful as flowers in a bouquet.

It was impossible to take a bad picture.

Black and White?

Or colour...

She is stunning either way.

Isn't this shot a flashback to an older glamourous time?  
I couldn't help but try and crop it out.
She could be a movie star from another era couldn't she?

Tomorrow I will share with you, the next two beautiful model's photographs.
I will be saving my eldest's photos and the lovely evening we shared with her for the day after that.

I suppose by now, you know that I do not err on the side of caution when my camera is involved.
I was afraid to look at the number of photos I took.

Thousands probably. 

Don't worry, I won't force you to look at them All. 
I'm editing down to... at least half : )


PS... Thank you Mom for seeing my love of photography, and, despite my protests, insisting on buying me a "good" camera.  Mom's always know best, don't they?

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  1. These are such beautiful photos and I just love your words with them! I have three young daughters. And when I say young, I mean five and two twin newborn girls and I am already trying to slow them down because they are growing up too fast! Words of wisdom for raising girls? :-D

  2. WOWOWOWOWOW! These are amazing. I love the very first one, such nice depth of field. Then I LOVE the one of the girls eyes. It just really shows how pretty she is. Then I love the black and white one of the last girl. The texture from the wall is amazing. Stunning stuff!

  3. Good for you! Looks like you did quite well!

  4. Excellent angles. Excellent composition. Excellent lighting. Excellent everything, Dana. If you haven't already turned your photography into a paying gig, you should. Your work is outstanding.

  5. Beautiful girls and great pics! Nice settings, job well done!

  6. Those are really great pics! And yes, those girls are stunning!

  7. You picked a good subject for your first shoot, and you also found the right moments to click away! You definitely have an eye for a good picture. I'm your latest follower.

  8. Wow, the are stunning! Great job!

  9. Oh hair and green eyes...I'm burning up with envy! Great shots!

  10. I agree, they are beautiful. Awkward stage, um yeah, had one of those, or two...lucky them for skipping it!

  11. Dana, I am consumed with jealousy at the mad photo skills you have.

    How long have you been doing this? You are just naturally gifted here.
    I am not butt kissing are unbelievable.

    I would pay you anything for some good pictures, Anything. (except Baby E)

  12. Simply stunning! And what a fun group of girls to shoot! Love these! thanks so much for sharing. Going to work on some editing right now for a client! You've inspired me!

  13. Dana - You took amazing photos! And no, I never looked like that at 14, it was definitely an awkward age! I think I may have been growing out a perm at 14.

    P.S. You are right, Mom's do always know best!

  14. AnonymousJune 26, 2010

    Gorgeous pics of gorgeous girls Dana - well done!


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