Friday, July 02, 2010

Canada Day...Eh!

We are Canadian,

and this was our favourite float.
Unfortunately they weren't handing out any samples.

It was the perfect day for a parade.  
Nice and sunny with the perfect breeze.  Humidity?  
What is that anyway?

A representation of our diversity : )
No kidding... one right after the other.
Cracked me up.

We have the perfect spot every year. 
We walk over five minutes before the parade begins and are the first to leave.
I love effective time management.

There were so many interesting people...  

and new interests piqued.
"Mom can I quit piano and learn how to play one of those?"
"Umm?  Let me think about that?.... No."

No, this was not the moose from yesterday.... at least I don't think it was?

Everyone was so happy, it was a great afternoon.

Until my child almost got ran over... but she figured it was worth it.

And an eye was almost lost. 
A sister and a waving flag were involved.

But I never worry when this guy is by our side.

On Canada Day I feel so fortunate to have been planted here, 
on such solid, 
polite as all get out, 

Isn't she beautiful?  She might have to work on that politeness thing though. 
She was making fun of how her mother experienced,  complete and utter humiliation, 
when in the midst of the dispersing parade crowd, coffee went down the wrong tube. 
 Let's just say with strange (yet polite) looks, a wide berth was given... 
to the coughing, sputtering and hystericallly laughing Canadian woman. 
Can you say?  
For the rest of the day The Agronomist affectionately referred to me as "Snort."

It's for moments like these... I know he married me. 

On our way back home (yes that's Harry Potter in tow). 
We looked forward to our BBQ with friends and family.

Of course this was the best part of the parade,
and the real reason for going.
Is that wrong?

A little Patriotic decorating helped make the day special.

As did the Buffalo/Bison Burgers.
 Anyway you sliced them...mmm mm good.

A Game of Bocce Ball was had with an old friend.

Girl's Ice Cream Cone        ~~~~~~~~~~~        Boy's Ice Cream Cone

Ice Cream for everyone.

Moms got Ice Cream too.

After an amazing day like this there was one thing we knew for sure....

Need I say more?
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  1. I really HOPE it was a different moose!

    I don't think I could handle moose grief today. always!

  2. Canada does ROCK!!!
    great photos and Happy Canada Day :)

  3. Looks like you had a fabulous Canada Day. TFS.

  4. Dana, in typical fashion, a splendid post that portrays pleasure in life, joy in family and pride in country.

    Of all the photos, I most enjoyed the "girl's ice cream cone" and the "boy's ice cream cone." That you would notice this difference and then think to photograph it distinguishes you as an outstanding writer and photographer. Excellent, excellent post!

  5. Happy Canada Day! (sorry I'm a day late). Would you believe that our Whole Foods Market here in Colorado celebrates Canada Day? They had a real mountie, and poutine and beaver tails. But they ran out of Nanaimo bars before we got there:(. Looks like you all had a great day!

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty pictures EH

  7. Happy Canada Day! Lovely post, as usual. I think I've said it before, but my husband is proud to be a Canadian (Saskatoon, Sask). I am a Minnesotan, but lived in Canada for 6 years and enjoyed every minute of it. Canada rocks!

  8. Great post! Happy Canada Day!! :) Glad you had fun!

  9. We're not so different, eh? :D
    Looks like we celebrate the same way!

  10. Happy Canada Day! So glad y'all had so much fun! Love the pics!!

  11. Love it! We don't have a Canada Day Parade. :v( And this year both my kids were working so hubby and I celebrated with a long, very long, bike ride. It was a beautiful day here too.

  12. Happy belated Canada day!! We think Canada rocks too! Lived there for 3 years, had my first child there, but living back home in Australia now. Thanks for your beautifully patriotic post.


    PS. My boys loved your moose video.

  13. Looks like a GREAT day! You captured it so well!!

  14. My kids were all about the candy too. They even gave up sitting in the shade to catch it.


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