Sunday, July 04, 2010

Happy Independence Day....But Secretly I Know You Want To Be Canadian

To all my southern neighbours...(and no I did not spell that incorrectly...I'm Canadian) 


But really... you can be truthful on this blog, 

I know You want to be Canadian : )

Just so that you can say about like a boot, and say sorry instead of excuse me (it's more efficient).

Please and Thank you

A proud sponsor for all those American bloggers
who secretly want to be Canadian.

(Was this post too cheeky?  Will you ever return?  So many questions, so few answers?)
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  1. Great video, I forwarded it on my facebook ;)
    I ♥ being Canadian!!

  2. AnonymousJuly 04, 2010

    secretly, you are right. While I am of course, proud to be just seems so much easier and well, progressive in Canada. sigh.

  3. I am from Indiana but I have made it up to Canada a few times, and we did love it. Your blog always makes me laugh. Thanks!

  4. Well...maybe.

    But none of those gloves.

    I have weird anti-Mickey Mouse issues.

  5. Traveled to Canada once as a Senior in High School. The people were very nice. Happy to be an American...but glad to have visited your country too.
    Happy 4th of July every country!

  6. I'm happy to be Canadian!!! Even though I live in the States now, I will always remain proud of being Canadian!!!

  7. You wrote this for me didn't you? Just to tease! ;-)

  8. Not too cheeky whatsoever. It's great to see your Canadian pride. I lived in Canada for 6 years, married a wonderful man from Saskatoon and secretly I am so happy to be an American. But, I do love Canada. So there. Hope that wasn't too cheeky for you. :o) And, because I live soo close to the border in Northern Minnesota, I say "aboot" rather than about. Does that make you happy? Hope so.

  9. I would love to be a Canadian if just for your health care and cool accents.

  10. i'm wondering if their is a bit of canadian in me! i do say boat like i'm canadian (on purpose). and i always say "i'm sorry" instead of "excuse me."

    funny post.

  11. oh my. This is so so so funny! Of course being canadian is more have milk in a bag and Anne of Green Gables. I'm jealous!


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