Thursday, July 08, 2010

Freckles Trump Everything

Just in the past year, my eldest daughter has sprouted freckles.
I cannot tell you how thrilled I am about this.
You see, she gets her freckles from me.

Honestly?  Before this miraculous development occurred,  I have to admit, I would sometimes wonder... Could this really be my daughter? 
It wasn't the fact that she didn't look anything like me.
And to be truthful, before the freckle phenomenon, some days I did consider dying my hair black, just to feel some outward genetic connection to my eldest. 
My disbelief?
It was due to the fact that she is so much more than I had ever expected a daughter could be.

I wonder how it is possible that I could be her mother?
What did I do to deserve such a gift?
Because of her, teachers look at me in the hallways with respect.
As I fumble for my keys to get into my vehicle, fellow parents stare and wonder what parenting secrets I have used.

I am as flabbergasted as any.
My child has made me look like a parenting guru.

OK, so maybe she is quite a bit like her father.
But, hey I was the one who chose that genetic pool, wasn't I?
I deserve some of the credit.

I like to think the home she had for nine months, was a pretty good place.  
Even though she wanted out three weeks early.
I should have known she would always be ahead of the game.

What makes me the most proud though? Are the brains behind her beauty; a nod to her father. 
And the creativity with which she is able to express herself, a nod perhaps... to her mother?

She was fourteen when these pictures were taken two weeks ago,
when she said goodbye to her childhood school of ten years.

It seems like an eternity ago, as while I am writing these words,
she is across the country experiencing a different culture and language.

I know she is stepping up to the challenge with eagerness and enthusiasm.
It is all we have ever asked of her.
She has never given anything less.

She is a better version of both her parents.

But truth be told, if I had to weigh in on the whole issue, of the importance of genetic traits.

I would have to say that I think freckles pretty much trump everything.


At Mama Kat's Writer's Workshop today, she asked us to share with you a picture we would want to put up on our walls to make our house more of a home.  I'm ashamed to say the last time I framed a picture of my daughter above was when she was about five.  I will be putting one of these photo's on our wall.  But I need some help choosing... which picture should I frame for our hallway?  Which is your favourite?
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  1. 14?! Holy! Thought you were gonna say she was graduating from high school! She's gorgeous. So, so pretty!

  2. I love the 3rd.

    You make me hopeful for kids with freckles. I am covered with them and currently all my girls are peaches and cream.

  3. (I apologize if I commented twice - I have issues of many varieties.)

    I love pic #3.

    I am now hopeful for daughters with freckles. I am covered with them. All 3 of my girls are still peaches and cream.
    xoxo, t

  4. Pride pours out of you like warm syrup.
    And with good reason.

  5. Beautiful words and pictures. I like the second one the best although it's hard to choose. Why not do a frame with 3 shots?

    Freckles are the best!

  6. Beautiful photos. My favourite is the 3rd one down.

  7. I loved your for the pictures, I like the first one the best. Your daughter has such a beautiful smile.

  8. Number one or number three. Hands down.

  9. What a wonderful post. Not only is your daughter so pretty, but she is obviously a good kid too. Freckles are about the cutest thing ever? And your pictures are STUNNING!!! I love the third one were she is looking down. The lighting was perfect.

  10. Beautiful post!5 She sounds like an amazing daughter...kudos to you. I like picture #2 the best.

  11. canuck_gradJuly 08, 2010

    #3 or #5! Beautiful!

  12. That's say you don't think she looks like you, but as soon as I opened up this post and saw her pic, I thought, 'Lordy - she looks just like her Mum!'

    Gorgeous. Absolutely gorgeous gals you have. x

  13. My word, she's beautiful! 14 you say? Wow. I never looked like that at 14.

    You take such beautiful pictures but if I had to pick one for the wall I like the third one down.

  14. Either the first or the third

  15. It's so hard to look at the wonders of our children and NOT say..." did I do that?"

    She's gorgeous, Dana. Inside and out.

  16. I like the first and the third. I think they'd go well together!

    And from an outsider position who doesn't know your family in person - I think that your daughter looks a lot like you - bone structure. She has your face shape and your jaw. The eyes, hair and skin might be from your hubby but she did get her mama's structure!!! AND freckles! :)

  17. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    Dana you made me cry again!!!!
    Marilyn~Via Facebook

  18. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    Dana! She is SUCH a pretty girl.
    Lisa~Via Facebook

  19. Wow Dana - what a beautiful photos. And I definitely think she looks a lot like you! Your cheekbones and smile look the same to me! I would have a very hard time choosing one to frame but I really like #1 and #3.

  20. Beautiful photos of a beautiful daughter by a beautiful mother!

    My photo pick: #3

  21. I love this post! Your daughter is simply stunning! I can't believe she's only 14! I certainly hope Dad has a big baseball bat to beat away the boys! :0)
    And it touched me in another way too--I'm a redhead, covered head to toe in freckles. My kids? All 4 have lovely blonde hair--from light to dirty. But there, right across their noses, I see little specks of Mommy...little hints of freckles that pop up in the sunshine. And I LOVE it. :0)

  22. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    i love how you openly recognize and express your pride, wonder and joy of your daughter, beautiful post, beautiful pictures. The first image is beautiful, but any of these on your wall would be a masterpiece!

  23. I love this post! I'm stopping by from Writer's Workshop and this post was wonderful. I also have freckles, and I look for them daily on my toddler, not that there are any there. It's so wonderful to see what I have to look forward too.

  24. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    The third one and the last ones are absolutely my favorite. She's beautiful, tho I would have guess she was older than 14! :) You must be so proud of her.

    Stopped by from Mama Kat's.

  25. Oh Dana she is gorgeous...and that 3rd pic down is priceless girl! Frame that baby! ;-)

  26. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    So pretty!! I love that braid in her hair!

  27. Oh wow - she is a beauty - can't believe she's only 14 - and - I heart freckles - one of my daughters got some as well

  28. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    I like the first and the third pictures the best, since you asked...
    Jodi~Via Facebook

  29. AnonymousJuly 08, 2010

    So beautiful - now I'M starting to miss her! Phoebe has a light sprinkling of freckles now - i love them too.
    Megan~Via Facebook

  30. You have such a beautiful, radiant daughter. What a touching post and gorgeous pictures. One day she just blossomed into a young lady (with adorable freckles). I think you captured this moment of pride perfectly, no fumbling at all :)

  31. It's my first time on your blog...what a beautiful post...made me a little teary! Your daughter is beautiful. I know I keep using beautiful...but it's the only word that is coming to me right now!
    Have a great weekend!

  32. Your daughter is beautiful! And this is such a lovely piece you wrote to her.

    Thanks so much for joining in Word Up Yo. It's kinda crazy to use the word fumble in such a lovely piece!

  33. Wow. I've been catching up on my blog reading this morning, and can't really explain why this is the one that moved me to tears. Maybe because I'm the keeper of a stunning eldest daughter too, and want so very much for her to be as lovely as your girl at 14.

    She's nothing like me in looks, but I catch myself in the movement of her hands - we have the same hands.

    I loved this post. It broke my heart - in a good way. :)

  34. rats. just posted something long & gushy, and it seems to have disappeared. She's beautiful, and so is this post. I want so much to be this delighted in my eldest when she's 14!

  35. Oh Dana, such pretty, pretty pictures and such beautiful words!! I can so relate to being constantly amazed by our daughters!! She is lovely!! Go ahead and pat yourself on the back, you deserve it!!

  36. What a simply lovely tribute! she looks like a darling girl, from the sounds of it, a true beauty inside and out. :)


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