Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Sweet Perfection and A Confession

These strawberries were the best strawberries I have ever tasted.
They were so sweet and perfect I don't know that I will ever be able to buy strawberries in February ever again.
Can you see the sweetness?
This was truly a Sweet shot in every way.

Yet, I have a confession to make.
Perfect as they were, 
delicious as they were,
I figured one itty bitty addition could possibly make their perfection even better.
Is it possible to improve on perfection?
I wanted to give it a try.

You see....I have a confession to make.
I am a Nutellaholic.
It isn't something I tell many people.
So please don't judge me,
It's just who I am.

Because of this condition
I can only buy Nutella (or a close facsimile when the Nutella is sold out) once, maybe twice a year.
The girls know not to request it.
It becomes too ugly.
I am unable to resist its sweet chocolatey smoothness.
I become a mother bear protecting its cub,
except that... I'm protecting a jar of Nutella spread.
The children do not recognize me.
I growl if they get too close to the cupboard.

The girls know I will return to normal when the jar is empty.
They come out of hiding when the carnage is finished.
It is over very quickly.
They wash off my face as I sit in my Nutella coma.
They're good girls.

It is my one vice. ( alright, alright, I have two...)
I'm not proud of it.
I just figured you should know.


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  1. I haven't had Nutella in forever! I think I need to change that, even though I am almost positive it is not part of a low-carb diet. YUM!

  2. Ooh! Nutella and Strawberries...YUM! Looks good enough to eat!

  3. Oh you and me both! The kids have caught me out a few times hiding behind the pantry door with a spoon and a jar of nutella in hand.....

  4. Why does really processed sugar food have to taste so good? Not fair at all. And your images are wonderful. Great depth of field.

  5. Those strawberries look wonderful!
    We had some beauties last week too.
    But sadly, no Nutella!!
    Enjoy the day

  6. Thanks for the laugh today!

  7. My husband is exactly like you-he has Nutella at Christmas in his stocking and when we go to Montreal to visit his brother-he growls at the kids too!

  8. I have such an obsession with certain kinds of fruit that can taste so different... one is strawberries. The tiny blood-red local kind is so much sweeter than the gorgeous gargantuan forced ones that taste mealy. Almost as though an actual strawberry was run through the copy machine a hundred times, and has been enlarged and lost all flavor! Home-grown tomatoes are the same way - no good unless they taste like dirt and sun. And don't ever put my tomato in the fridge!

  9. I am totally drooling here now!! They look amazing so I can only guess how good they actually tasted!! Great pics and now I must go get breakfast :)

  10. We are Nutella lovers here too. All of us. The kids love making peanut butter & nutella sandwiches as a special treat. Yum...

  11. Yes, those strawberries are perfection, I can see their juicy, sweetness and they didn't need Nutella, but your bread did! Love it on toast...

  12. OK, now I have to have strawberries, just the way you did.

    What a tease! (not nice...)

    Great shots♥

  13. canuck_gradAugust 17, 2010

    Yummm.... I LOVE Nutella and strawberries too! I also can't buy it often. I literally eat the whle jar within a couple of days. When I eat it like this, it's one spoonful on a strawberry, one in my mouth, one on a strawberry, one in my mouth... especially in the summer when it's warm in the cupboards and the Nutella gets a little warm and melty.

  14. Oh they are so beautiful.

  15. ha! what a great post :) those strawberries look amazing!

  16. That's too funny! I can totally empathize because I have the same issue with a bowl of popcorn. I practically have to sneak it after my kids go to bed because they'll want me to share it!?! As if??? :)

  17. mean, mean woman!

    That looks SOOOO good!

  18. Oh boy - Nutella on strawberries sounds delicious. I love Nutella too but have never tried it on strawberries. Hmmm, I guess I'll have to try it just to make sure you are right!

    P.S. Thanks so much for posting my giveaway on your sidebar!

  19. An excellent obsession. Perhaps you might like to try these:
    As a fellow chocolate/hazelnut lover, I can relate.

  20. I too am a Nutellaholic! I have been known to stand in the pantry dipping my finger in the jar...on more than one occasion. Great shots!

  21. Yummy! I have both in my I have to try it! :) I´ll just blame you.

  22. I live in a house of Nutella addicts... okay not all of them but far too many for my comfort! ;) However we now make ours from scratch when the boys are willing to crack the hazelnuts. It is so deliciously divine! Nothing says comfort more than a warm flaky croissant, slathered in nutella w/ thin slices of strawberry while enjoying a cuppa coffee (or vanilla chai according to our eldest...)

  23. How did that never occur to me???

    I'm going to regret ever seeing that nutella covered strawberry! I always melted chocolate and the job was so tedious that I never did it.

    That right there? Might be my undoing. YUM.

  24. Love those strawberries!!Yum!

  25. Well.... hmmm...

    OK. I still like you anyway.

  26. Oh yum!!! I LOVE nutella...those look delicious! I have a fantastic recipe for chocolate hazelnut biscotti cookies that uses almost a full jar of nutella...soooo good!

  27. Thank you, sweet heavens above.

    I no longer have to have my shameful secret hidden from the USA world.

    I, too, have to travel 40 mins away to buy my nutella.

    Ever since my crazy beatnik heathen days in college and "that" graduate student introduced me to Nutella... well, the rest of the story shall remain with me...but ,the Nutella.

    the nutella has remained as my sweet secret of what I once was.

    And Nutella spread on a banana just brings back the memories of what it once meant to be young and free and untethered.

    ADORE your blog, Missy girl.

  28. I just had my first taste of Nutella in this my 44th year on earth. Hard to believe I know. And yes it is a VERY addictive substance! Have you checked the label to see how many calories are in just 2 T. of this stuff?! Way too many!!! But oh so yummy!!

  29. I have never had nutella - but you are not the first person to confess their obsession, which makes me feel like I better go hunting for a jar of this delightful concoction that makes grown women turn on their own children!!

  30. Oh how I LOVE Nutella. I wanted to reach through the computer screen and steal one of those strawberries and scarf it down. Yum, now I will go to bed dreaming of Nutella. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm...

  31. Yum. Makes me want to go pick up some fresh strawberries.

  32. I'm a strawberry and Nutella lover, as well--but never in my wildest dreams thought to pair the two. You may be my new best friend! ;)

  33. hahahaha. No worries, I don't want your Nutella ;) Great reading, as always. You made my morning. Now I'm off to work on the paint-on-the-carpet stain my daughter gifted me.

  34. Strawberries are the best indeed! One of my favorites too!

  35. Thanks for the visit! I love strawberries, but the alligator was divine!

  36. Gorgeous Strawberries. I have found red items to be so difficult to get just right.

  37. I buy English Muffins for the sole purpose of having something other than a spoon to devour Nutella.


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