Thursday, August 19, 2010


We have a little problem.
My usually happy good natured middlest seems to be working though some issues lately.
We are trying to be patient with her....
but her sisters have had enough.

For one thing, she doesn't seem to be heeding any personal boundaries.

Harassing her sisters seems to be her new hobby.
Unfortunately for them, while she may look wiry, she is unusually strong.

And, in fact, appears to be enjoying the havoc she is wreaking.

Even her older sister is a target.
She takes no prisoners.

She is turning eleven.

It's my favourite age.


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  1. So funny!! Parenting in the pool is actually fun for husband gets wet and I take the pictures ;o)

  2. Really? 11? Why 11? I was trying to remember if Sesame Street had a cool song about 11, and I don't think it does...So why 11?

    I love those pictures. Looks fun.

  3. Oh dear...the evil elevens...

    Or is that the eager elevens?

    The erroneous elevens?

  4. Love those photos - such fun! And tweendom's such an interesting age!

    Have a great weekend,


  5. I once heard, and have come to love, the phrase about kid's stages, "the one they're in is your favorite one."

    So true.

  6. I totally remember when my girls were that age. THE best age for kids. They are still so innocent and sweet, yet big enough to understand.

  7. I do so love the pool.

    And this is why I'm oh-so-sorry I never had a sister.

  8. That's nothing! I have a daughter about to turn 16, another one that is 14 and half and a son (who LOVES to terrorize his sisters) who is about to turn 12!

    I think I need a stiff drink.....

  9. Oh I'm not ready for 11! Fortunately I still have 8, 9 and 10 to get through.

  10. Lets blame it all on hormones, shall we.
    Cute photos!
    Hang in there. Your favorite age...really? In the most -R-e-a-l-l-y- kind of way.

  11. Charlie is counting the days and minutes to become a teenager, while I am wishing time had stopped when he was eleven. It was a very good age....

  12. I've been reading your blog for a few weeks. . .found you through Jen at Jen's Ink Pen. . .

    11 wasn't so bad with my boys, but I am finding 10 a challenge already. ..any advice. . .the girl thing often overwhelms me!!

  13. Love 11yo son enjoys torturing his 9yo sister too. I tell her I had 4 older bros, she's got it pretty easy ;)


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