Monday, August 30, 2010

Quebec City Was Colourific

We lived in Quebec city for ten days.  
Our home was one of two apartments on the second floor of a family home.
The homeowners lived below us.
It was definitely the most colourful home I have ever had the pleasure to stay in.

I felt as though I had woken up within a package of skittles.

Every morning it made me smile.

It changed me.
I am already looking at my home in a new light.
How great would this be in the middle of our long cold winters?
I have already made some colourful changes to the Bungalow.
(and yes the girl's bedroom is coming together... I'll be showing you soon.)
It's making me very happy.

We drove five hours to the city airport and then took a red eye flight through the night.
The girls were great. 
So after a good long nap, we decided to explore our local neighbourhood.
(she slept on the floor most nights...and just in case your wondering, yes I would move her back on to the mattress, but despite my efforts this is what I would open the door to in the morning.)

Around the corner was a street of shops and restaurants.
It would seem that our apartment was not out of the ordinary.

Everywhere we went the stores were exploding with colour.

It was uplifting.  
The Agronomist had to tell me to close my mouth a few times.
I tend to be a gawker.

This piece was outside the local library.
Isn't it great?
Around another corner was the local free outdoor swimming pool.
This was our first big "non beach" family trip.
A fifteen, ten and seven year old have very different ideas about what is fun.
The pool was our seven year olds favourite part of the trip.
If the pool was on the agenda for later in the afternoon (thankfully it only opened at 1pm..phew)
she was a trooper for the "boring" stuff the rest of us wanted to do.

Don't they already look like locals.

The girls loved the shops.
The french shops. ... so chic!
We saw every museum in the city,
We toured churches and enjoyed interpretive tours.
The girls listened, and then interpreted for me.
We climbed trees....tall trees (you won't beleive it, until you see it)
And lucky for you I took pictures. 
Lots and lots of pictures.
We also visited the biggest outdoor water park in North America, Val Cartier.  
I didn't take pictures there.  
After the second click, my battery died.
It was actually kind of nice.

And we ate, oh did we eat.
The french, the food, the french food.
The sweets.
The french know their sweets.
Thank goodness for days of walking.
Because lets just say I completely enjoyed everything, and I mean Everything Quebec City had to offer.


PS Tomorrow is the first day back to school and I'm not ready to say goodbye... to summer, to the girls being home, to sleeping in.
Am I the only one?

PPS And no I did not turn up the saturation on any of these photos. Pin It


  1. It was kind of funny. . .but as I was reading your blog, my son was practicing his trumpet and playing O Canada. . .

    Looks like a great time. . .I agree that the colors are fabulous!

  2. i love all the colours! so beautiful and not what i pictured Quebec City to be!

  3. OH how incredible!! Our middle son is taking French in school this year so I know he would love this trip (his brothers, umm not so much!) I know I would love it!!!

    School started 17 August for us... I am still not ready for the early mornings, haha!! Now if only I could come up with something more exciting than cereal for breakfast but it is their favorite choice... Ugh! Whatever happened to waffles, french toast, croissants w/ nutella & sliced strawberries (oh wait that's my favorite breakfast!)???

    So glad you had such a wonderful trip!! and the colours... Amazing!! Our colours are cozy in most of our house but our bathroom... Think Harley Davidson orange!

  4. I love all of the colors, my kind of town!

  5. I'm adoring these photos, I needed something bright for the day :)

    I'm trying to convince my Hubby to go on a trip there, we almost made it a couple years ago for a conference but ended up that it wouldn't work with other schedules.

  6. LOVE THESE~! All that color really does make me want to go buy some crazy paint. Then I just don't. Why not? hmmm... Sounds like a great fall project.

  7. I'm enjoying your pictures of Quebec City. We are planning a trip there ourselves next September. My husband's great-great-great-great-great (etc.) grandparents came to the Quebec City/Trois Rivieres area from France in 1667! Your pictures are wonderful, and I'll be looking forward to more!

  8. The colors are so happy! Oh, I cannot wait until my kids start school next week...

  9. So loving those colours and the photograph in the following post of the lit bowls in the church! Stunning!

  10. That looks so so lovely!

    I love bright colors. I need more muted colors in my home, but I LOVE going places where the colors wow me.

    Like a great cup of coffee!

    Oh..and welcome home!

  11. I LOVE all that color! And, now I'm craving more Quebec pics...

  12. Oh MY... what beauty in colour. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your photos.
    Such a marvelous trip!


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