Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Shot Tuesday in Quebec City

Today is Sweet Shot Tuesday with Darcy at My3Boybarians.
Sweet Shot Day
These are just a few of my favourite photos from our trip to Quebec City a few weeks ago. 

But if I had to choose just one favourite it would have to be the one above.
Why? Because of what it captures.
You see, my two youngest daughters are listening intently to a french tour guide at St. Anne de Beaupre Basillica.  She is giving the tour in french, and my children are listening.
I couldn't understand a word.
But after attending French Immersion school they could.  All of it.
It was amazing to me.

This is a photo taken in another church, one of the oldest in Quebec.
The girls lit a candle in memory of their Papa.

This is just one of many streets we walked along during our ten day stay.
They were everywhere.
Vieux Quebec was a photographer's dream.

PS  Blogger wants to have lots of big white spaces today, not sure why, but it bugs me.
Just wanted you to know that I know and that I'm not a sloppy big spaced (out) blogger.

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  1. Love sharing the trip with you here!
    Beautiful pictures that tell a great story!
    Colorful like skittles, Yes!!! The Bungalow will be looking sweet soon, I'm sure!
    Do they have a Spanish Immersion school. I had to help Em study for a test tomorrow. The text book is written in Spanish. I am not going to be much help this year, I'm afraid.
    Have a great week!

  2. Beautiful shots! Love the sentiment that you posted for the shot of your daughters listening so intently. Looks like a great trip!

  3. Beautiful photos! I really like the black and white one.

    Erika B

  4. Love the angles of each shot, especially the door/flower shot. Awesome!

  5. I loved the candles shot until I scrolled down to the doors. Now THAT is incredible. How beautiful.

  6. Beautiful shots!!!! I have to agree about the doors!!! Regarding the first one, my sons are starting french immersion kindergarten & preschool next week? I'm hoping they'll do well...we speak almost none!

  7. Wow. What beautiful images! I LOVE that you had a wonderful time on thus trip. Very, very nice work.

  8. Beautiful photos.

    I have to get my butt in gear and start learning how to do this here photography stuff.

    Makes a BIG diff in the look and feel and ambience of your blog.


  9. So lovely!

    I love the one of the candles.

    I love good candle photos. I've taken a few, but it's actually pretty hard.

    That one's gorgeous!

  10. Oh my! Lovely shots. The red flowers on the home are killin' me. I LOVE that one!

  11. These are lovely photos. Your composition is beautiful.

    How wonderful your girls are learning French...and can understand it! I took 5 years of it, was an exchange student twice, and now I can barely speak it.

  12. What a trip!! Love that city...

    Great capture~

  13. Vive le Qu├ębec! :) Quebec City is a lovely place indeed.


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