Sunday, August 29, 2010

Traveling With The Agronomist

We're home after three weeks of vacation.
And before I regale you with all of our many adventures I have one thing I need to do first.

I need to Thank The Agronomist.

He packed our luggage into and out of a vehicle fifteen times.
We arrived and departed from three different airports.
Each time we moved,
The Agronomist packed our bags into the vehicle and then out of the vehicle.
up stairs, down stairs, 
In elevators, out of elevators, 
to the car, from the car.
In the hotel room, out of the hotel room. 
on the conveyor belt and off.

Of course we offered to help,
but The Agronomist had a system.
He's a systems man.
We knew better than to get in his way.
It made him cranky.
So we stood back and watched.

I only started taking these pictures the last two days of our trip.
I'm sure he felt as though that was all he did.
He is a saint.
Traveling with four women, and their luggage.

He is our Hero.

Our Luggage King,

The Agronomist.

Thank you for making our trip run so smoothly.
It does not go unnoticed.
We love you bunches and bunches.

.... Your Girls

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  1. That is why I keep my husband around. Welcome home. Cannot wait to hear more about your journey.
    Missed you, t

  2. great to have you back! And he is a saint. 4 women and all that luggage. I love that he has a system. lol

  3. You iz a good woman, ladyfriend.

    A good woman.

  4. Got me a "systems" lovin' kinda man too. And it is a grand thing when we travel! ;-)

    Why I feel the need to talk "redneck" to you I have no idea. But I do. Everytime. I can't help myself! ;-)

  5. I can relate. . .my hubby loves systems too. Until he forgets to pack his pjs and just throws them on top of all the nicely packed luggage in the back of the car!!

  6. Glad your back! Can't wait to see some new stunning pictures.

  7. Welcome back dear! It is really nice to know that you can always trust your hubby with the luggage. :p

  8. The Luggage King!!! You crack me up! My kiddos are back in school, so I am back & will be reading up on all that i have missed this summer!hugs,Cathy


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