Wednesday, August 04, 2010

Sisters Can Be So Inconsiderate

This is my sister.
Normally she is very kind and thoughtful.
But lately she has been a little insensitive.
You see, She is visiting for the week with her family.
I don't normally see her every day.
And well, I've just come to realize.  
She doesn't like to play by the rules.
We decided to go for a drive and a picnic.
And, as she was sitting in her lawn chair I said, "Let me take a picture of you."
I didn't give her a chance to answer.
Can you tell?
And these photos are what I came home with.
She is not wearing a stitch of make up my friends. (I asked to make sure.)
Unlike my recent birthday self-portraits, which were carefully smoothed and softened, I have not retouched these pictures even a teensy bit.
She is only three years younger than me.
Can you tell?
OK, so I played with this one a little bit.
But only a little bit.
I warmed up the colour.
You can barely tell.

I needed to.
It was important for my self confidence.
I couldn't just let her waltz into my blog without any photo-editing.
In fact, from where I'm sitting, it almost seemed a little inconsiderate of her.

You see, older sisters can be very fragile.
Especially when the younger sisters have failed to read the fine print.

Aging is required.

Just thought I'd put that out there.
No hard feelings Sis.
I just think it's important that everyone in our family plays by the same rules, you know?

It seems like it would be the right thing for you to do.

I guess I'm a bit of a stickler that way.

And...umm... if you're looking for your sunscreen? 
It was accidentally poured down the kitchen sink.
I thought it was some old salad dressing that had gone bad.
But don't worry, you go ahead and sit out in the sun today, 

I don't think it will do you any harm at all : )
Cuz I'm always looking out for your best interests.
That's just the kind big sister I am.


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  1. *sigh* thanks for the glimpse into my sister's brains, so I know the thoughts that run through their minds as their eyes cast upon me.....

  2. I have the same problem with my sister. She has the anti aging gene that seemed to miss me. And your picture are wonderful as always. Great angle.

  3. thanks for stopping over yesterday! i love your space here, it's put a smile on my face this morning! :)

    don't you love sisters? thanks for sharing this!!

  4. Stop it, you are BOTH gorgeous with coloring I envy.

  5. How dare she!

    Kidding, those are great pictures. :)

  6. I guess that's the one benefit to not having a sister...... I hardly ever compare my looks to my little brother ;-)

  7. No sisters here.

    Just one really, really tall brother.

    So, apples and oranges really. Even if he HAD wrinkles, they'd just add character.

  8. You are so right. She is beautiful, but so are you!

  9. She is beautiful!

    Sounds like you both have a great relationship.

  10. This was such a terrific post...I really had no idea where you were going with it, based on the title, I was like, "Oh she's going to trash her sister? Doesn't her sister read her blog?" haha! But as I looked at her pictures, I was like, "Well, her sister certainly has a peaches and cream complexion and she's so pretty." I love how you tricked me!
    This was funny, thoroughly enjoyable, you are so going in my blog roll! Where's your button? I need your button!

  11. You are such a great big sis!
    The first pic is my favorite!
    She is very beautiful...yes...and so are you!
    And the no make up thing. Well, That just bugs me!

  12. I need those freckles. You are both stunning!

  13. Those little sister are sure annoying lol! :p Where do they get those anti-aging cream?

  14. such a fun post!!! i love it. and your shots of her (and yourself) were gorgeous! i get to be the younger sis, by 4 yrs, but if you saw us face to face i bet you $100 you'd say "who's older?". can't stand it when they don't play by the rules!! ;)

  15. I know I am late but this post is hilarious! I love it! You're sister is such a good sport. <3 Stephanie from Sincerely, Stephanie Sebastian


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