Friday, September 03, 2010

I've Run Away From Home

I've been busy blogging.
Just not on this blog.
I've Run Away From Home for a few days.
I've been hanging out over at Bungalow'56 Filtered.
You see, It's my baby.

It was being neglected.
It was missing... oh, 200 pictures or so... not really, I'm kidding... (but almost 200).
It was a lot.
I didn't count.
The good news is, I've almost caught up.

If you want to check it out click HERE.

If you don't that's fine.  
I mean it's only my baby,
Mother's always think their babies are special.
You don't need to coo, and ooh and ahh.
I've been giving it lots of attention the past two days.
I will be there today too, trying to finish feeding it.

It's hard to only choose one photo a day.
Especially when during our holiday I took thousands of pictures... not really, I'm kidding...(way more than a 1000).

These ones were the cast offs.
The second placers.
The not quite good enoughs.
It was like trying to choose between your children.
It just didn't seem right, so I've decided to share a few of them here.

See how hard it is?

Have a great week.
I need to go burp, I mean feed, my other blog : )

It's like having twins.

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  1. I love your "cast-offs!
    And your other baby is quite impressive too!!:)
    I would love document our life in one photo a day...maybe someday.
    Enjoy the day

  2. Geeeeeezzzz! are so talented.
    I love these. I'll be checking out your baby next!
    Have a great week end!

    Are you running?
    New haircut? Was that you?

  3. Just gorgeous pictures, lady! I have been neglecting my blog all summer long. I am debating whether to continue or not. We'll see. I love every single shot. Talented, you are!

  4. Himself's birthday present is new lens for our camera. A 50-200 telephoto.

    The problem is that his birthday's not till MONDAY.

    And I want to play with the new lens NOW.

    (And yes, it really is for him. We each wanted a different lens for the camera, so I bought the one HE wanted since it's HIS birthday and all.)

    But I still want to play!

    Beautiful shots! As always.

  5. Well if that's the second best ones I can hardly wait to go look at "firsts". Can you come for coffee and teach me how to work my SLR? I think we're in the same province! :v)

  6. These are amazing :) I so jealous of your oh so special photo making powers. :)

  7. Even your "second" photos are beautiful.

    I completely understand your dilemma. I recently shot about 250 photos for a magazine feature story. The editor told me she would use maybe four. Now..., how do I choose the ones to submit for her consideration? I managed to whittle the number down to 26. Then I had to list my top five. Ah..., not easy to do.

    I'll check out your photo page next. Thanks for sharing your fantastic images. Your talent is incredible.

  8. Great pics. Heading over to give your other twin some attention.

  9. oh, gosh, you are so good. how long have you been doing this?????

  10. you are funny! these castoffs are awesome, girlfriend! i'm headed over to your other place...

  11. Loving your "throw-aways" - can't wait to see the baby :-)

  12. Hi! Great pictures! I love them! Have a wonderful day!

  13. Your photos make me happy. Just like my baby.


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