Monday, November 29, 2010

I'm Ready!

Christmas has officially started here at Bungalow'56!

We went to the Santa Claus Parade yesterday.
I didn't wanna go.
Usually The Agronomist takes the girls.

Ever since the crowd incident of 1991, I have had a very strong aversion to... crowds.

It was a dark and stormy day.
I remember it as clearly as the birthings of my three children without aid of laughing gas or epidurals.
It was a traumatic Student Teaching moment that involved crowds of teenagers.
We were packed into an enclosed theatre lobby.  
The play was 1/2 hour late and the high school kids thought it would be fun to start pushing.
It was a frightening mosh pit.
We were being swayed with the crowd as whoops and hollers started to pierce the air.
I had visions of my students being trampled.
I felt our lives were in danger.
I needed to act quick.

I thankfully had taken four years of karate voice training, and used diaphragm muscles I never knew I had, and have never found since.
Much like the miracle muscles used to bring a new life into the world.
I felt an inner force within me take flight and my voice took on the strength of the Oxy-Clean guy.
I roared a commanding "STOP" and told everyone to take a step back.

I was a hero to my little junior high students for the remainder of my stay with them.
Much like how I was to the nurses and The Agonomist after smiling through the births of my daughters.
And my relationship with crowds?
They have never been the same.

But I couldn't let my girls down.

Plus some friends were coming over to park and walk to the parade,
so I kind of had to suck it up.

Plus The Mounties were there, so I felt safe.

I am so glad I went.  It was a great parade.
I feel as though I'm ready for Christmas now.

Well... ready for "getting ready" for Christmas, that is.

*Moment of silence at the computer.*

In this moment, it has just occurred to me how much I have to do.
Oh Man....
What am I doing blogging?
I have gifts to buy,
Trees to trim.
Cookies to bake.
Pounds to lose,
Carols to sing,
Dust bunnies to vacuum,
Babies to birth,
Sorry I was getting confused with the Christmas story.
Advent wreaths to light and
Chocolate to eat.

There I feel better now that I have my list done.

How do you prepare for the Christmas season?


How my post about our Christmas Day parade involved graphic unsolicited information about the births of my daughters is a mystery to me?
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  1. Happy Monday! Great post....I always enjoy your stories!!!

  2. Good luck on the list, at least one thing is crossed off!

  3. "Pounds to lose???"

    At THIS time of year?

    Are you crazy?

    Are you a masochist?

    Are you scheduling surgery?

    Something is clearly amiss.

  4. I enjoyed your list.
    I too included pounds to loose. I feel like I need to back up for a running start of gluttony.

  5. I, too, am trying to lose a few pounds before Christmas. I figure I can get the extra Thanksgiving weight off to minimize the Christmas damage.


  6. Chocolate to eat...and pounds to lose??? Okay..yeah, I like it!
    Looks really cold there!
    Looks like Christmas!

  7. I love the visual of a teacher yelling STOP! in a mosh-ready high school crowd. Go Santa Parade!


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