Monday, November 29, 2010

A Coffee over Bokeh

If you came over for Virtual coffee this morning you'd find my house a mess.   
We started decorating the tree last night, and we didn't finish.  
It was my fault.  
Our artificial Christmas tree was on its last leg last year, but I figured it would be fine.  
Well, so many branches had fallen off that the gaps and gapes were impossible to camouflage.  
I just didn't have it in me to wrap four sets of light around the thing.

So at 7:30 The Agronomist and I traipsed out into the dark to find a tree.  
An artificial tree... a pre-lit artificial tree.  
I was filled with guilt, as I thought how many pigs and chickens this amount of money could buy some poor child in Africa.  
As you can see from the photos, it didn't stop me from buying the tree. 
We will buy some goats and chickens too, but for some reason it doesn't make me feel less guilty.

After drinking the coffee you brought with you...
because you are so sweet and thoughtful... I'm imagining it's  from Starbucks...hopefully one of their new Christmassy drinks with Peppermint and/or egg nog. (Did you know you can ask for fair trade beans to be used so you don't have to feel any Christmas coffee guilt?)
I would probably show you all of these sweet Christmas tree "bokeh" shots I took last night.

I will take a picture of anything as long as the Bokeh lights are in the background.
There will be so many of these photos this year it will look like a Christmas from Vegas if I'm not careful.

It amazes me that eleven months ago on Jan 1st I started my picture a day project.  
The very first photo is of my eldest in front of a Christmas tree with the lights behind her.  
It is still one of my all time favourite shots.  
You can see it if you click here.
I had to read up on how to accomplish this type of shot and had no clue what I was doing.
OK to be honest my eldest read up on it, and then showed me what to do.

And today,  I can create this shot without even thinking, and without my eldest reading the directions out loud to me.

Isn't it amazing how practice does make perfect?  
Please note that I'm not saying these shots are perfect.  
I have a long way to go in figuring out my camera, but I sure am amazed at how much I've learned over this past year. 
I can honestly say I've truly fallen in love with photography.  

But as I slurped down the last of my coffee, and yes I know I gave up coffee, but I do drink it if I go to a restaurant or if some sweet friend happens to stop by with a frothy treat at my door. (I'm not rude)
I would say, now thats enough about me, and would ask you what hobbies you are enjoying these days?  
And I would be really curious about what you have always wanted to learn more about?  
I would encourage you to seize the moment.
And to not waste any more time.

And I would promise you that you would never regret it.


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  1. loving the amazing "light" bokeh in these pictures! soo happy the holidays are here!!

  2. That picture of your oldest from January is stunning!

    This post is so perfect. You've totally given me the push to go for it.

  3. Wow... it has been a while since I have come by here and I am so glad I did. Don't know when you did the makeover but your blog is super cute and I totally love it! ALSO love this post. I need to get some decorations up... if only I could find some time. :) Beautiful pictures.

    xo, Supermom Alysha

  4. The Bokeh is AMAZING! I have a lens that will do it for me. . . lol, I know NOTHING about my camera and wouldn't now how to begin creating it on my own.

    (visiting from 3Boybarians)

  5. Since I now have a new camera, I am itching to learn how to use it to its full potential. So I'm reading and shooting, shooting and reading. Thank you for the encouragement and inspiration.

  6. Love the bokeh!!!!! Although it makes me feel like I'm behind......

  7. I fell in love with your shots!! Could you please tell us how you went about it??

  8. Christmas from Vegas! Ha! *giggles and chokes on the coffee I brought to share*

    Seriously, the bokeh is beautiful. You've inspired me to get the lights on the naked tree that is sitting in front of me and give it a try.

    Oh, and in answer to your questions, it is photography. I am pretty much where you were a year ago it seems, and can't wait to see what this next year brings. =)

  9. Love the picture you took of your daughter in January...simply stunning!
    I would love to know how you get the lights in the background of your pictures like that!

  10. Good to hear you haven't totally given up coffee. I was so worried about you.

  11. So sweet! And you are way ahead of me!!!

  12. Wow, that is some AWESOME bokeh!! I took a few pictures in front of my arti....can't even write it out without guilt now too.

    These pictures are gorgeous. I love stopping by!

    You continue to inspire me♥

  13. I haven't even started decorating yet, but I'm hoping I'll get it all done this weekend.

    I want to learn more about music theory and writing tunes to accompany my lyrics.


  14. I'm at the beginning of the journey you started last year - so excited to start photographing :)

  15. i want to learn how to get shots like this. can you email me the link you read? (or have your eldest do it, lol) wonderful pics!

  16. I think I am probably not quite 100 days into my 365 so I have along way to go...but am so glad I started! I love your Christmas bokeh pics, too cute. thanks for joining in for coffee this week!

  17. Oh my I love your header!!!! Did you do that yourself??? You are so talented! And that pic of your daughter is AMAZING! :-) I too heart bokeh.

  18. love the post & your challenge. still thinking what it is that i want to do...getting closer though! hugs, Cathy

  19. Love the photo. I am going to practice with my Canon tomorrow. Read up on taking interior shots, something about aperature, shutter speed and bouncing the flash? We shall see, you inspire me. Still wish you'd consider a road trip here to show me the bells and whistles of my camera!

  20. Beautiful photos! I would love to learn more about photography but first I have to master my point and shoot camera! Lol!

  21. I'm hoping to learn lots more about my new camera next year. Love the pictures...really neat!!!
    You home and your tree are gorgeous!

  22. And that picture of your eldest last year....STUNNING!!!!!!!

  23. The picture of eldest was the first in your 365 project? You set a high bar!

  24. WOW, I went back to take a look at that older photo of your daughter - AMAZING! Last year for Christmas, I got a high quality 50 mm fixed lens with amazing speed ... and I got it with one goal in mind: bokeh!
    Your gorgeous photos give me something to hope for, they're just beautiful!!

  25. I love the background lights in your pics. So pretty, indeed! I think it gives your pics both a celebratory and wonderland look.

  26. Dana, what an awesome post. Loved everything about it. That picture of your daughter from a year ago is GORGEOUS. LOVE IT!

    Love all of these bokeh shots too. I need to take some this year.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    nicolle :)


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