Friday, November 05, 2010

A Few Friday Jewels

My daughter's self portrait with our point and shoot.


My Youngest's latest pet.


My good friend The Empress also had me giggling.  
She was the latest to host a terribly tacky sequined purse who goes by the name of Pursey Galore. Pursey is serving as the ambassador for a year-long fund raiser for the American Stroke Association. You can read about her indescretions and romantic triste here.  
I will be hosting her in the new year, and am now a little worried about the example Pursey will be setting for my three daughters.  
You've been warned, it reads a little like a Harlequin Romance.


This quote shared by a friend on Facebook: 
"What the caterpillar calls the end of the world, the master calls a butterfly."


The beautiful balmy fall weather we are continuing to enjoy. 

Every day without snow is a gift.


Photo credit: Parenting By Dummies  
This post called Enough Already. Even Nice People Snap by Parenting By Dummies  describes how Dumb Mum is feeling about her eldest boy growing up.  
It made me laugh.... a few times.


Click HERE  to watch the video of It Gets Better Canada, shared by another friend on Facebook: 

While I do not have to introduce one of the gentleman in this video to any of my Canadian readers, for those from across the border or pond, he is Canadian Icon Rick Mercer from the Mercer Report, where he shares his weekly Rants; this one... about bullying.

He is, as far as I can tell, the epitomy of Canadian humour, although the message here is a serious one.  
He is very smart, very clever and loves to laugh at himself.
A top favourite here at Bungalow'56

I hope the teenager or middle school child that desperately needs to see and hear this message... does.


See you in two sleeps... maybe three.  
I am already looking forward to next week here at Bungalow'56... where the fun just never ends.
....I'm fun?
Because my kids tell me I'm not really.
Weird maybe, but they won't admit to fun.

So this weekend... I am fun mom.
On a mission.  
I'll be back in two, to fill you in.
Lots planned.

Raking leaves?
Sooo much fun!
I know washing dishes is fun!
And sorting laundry? 
and flossing your teeth, that's for sure a roll on the floor guffaw moment right there.
I've got the whole weekend covered : ) 
The kids are going to have a blast!


PS  If you haven't read Pioneer Women's retrospective today... do yourself a favour and enjoy a few smiles and maybe even a giggle or two. 
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  1. Sounds like lots of excitement going on over at Bungalow56 this weekend!
    Gorgeous shot of your daughter,wow!

  2. Oh are a fun Mom alright! Especially the laundry part...and the flossing.
    Have a great weekend!

  3. Wow...have a fun weekend.
    Digging that swing!
    Enjoy the weekend

  4. I'm tired now. Must go back to bed in exhaustion. Just reading this wore me out...yikes!

    Have fun!

  5. Hee!

    Loved seeing that picture of Pursey up on your site.

    And yes...I think the girls will need to be warned before she shows up.


    I tried so hard...

  6. your kids are GORGEOUS!

    and raking leaves IS FUN (so I keep telling my kids)

  7. "Every day without snow is a gift." That's exactly how I feel down here in soon-to-be Minnesnowta.

  8. That story from a dumb mum is great! Have a great weekend

  9. If you haven't had the talk with your gorgeous girls you might have a hard time explaining Pursey's wild romp at the Empress' house...between you and me what kind of brothel is she running over there?

  10. Hello, Yuliya? You know I can hear you, right?

    Thanks, Dana, for realizing one cannot stand in the way of the freight train that true love is.

    Your girls are angels.

    And you are the perfect MWAC to capture this perfect moment of time they're in..(esp. that little cutie)

    SAY, you keep blowing me off: my 3 boys are 15, 13, and 8...any chance of arranged marriages...cuz how FUN would it be to be related???


    And, based on your weekend plans, you know all about the FUN.


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