Monday, November 08, 2010

She Should Have Been The Eldest

Did you know I have three younger sisters?
I may have told you about my funky cool youngest Sister Number 3, and I may have mentioned my inconsiderate youthful Sister Number 2, but today I would like to introduce my organized Martha-esque (should have really been the eldest) Sister Number 1.

Sister Number 1 had been on my mind throughout last week.  
Why? You ask?
Her birthday was looming... and well, I wanted to support her during this difficult time.
I'm here for my sisters.
You see, as the eldest.
They look to me for guidance when it comes to aging.

I try to prepare them by looking as old as I possibly can and reassure them that aging is something to be endured cherished.
I think it's important that they know what they have to look forward to.
It's important that they know, that even when you lose your youthful good looks;
and crows feet become your new defining characteristic; life will continue to be rewarding and fruitful.
I'm all about keeping it real, in a wrinkly wonderfully honest and positive way.

photo credit~D.Phillips
And I know they appreciate my sacrifice, because as I may have mentioned in my previous sister posts, what has become terribly obvious with Sister Number 3 and Sister Number 2, is that they have heeded my graphic aging warnings and chosen to not follow my lead.

And as is illustrated in the photo above, it seems Sister Number 1, has also chosen to take a different path. A path with fewer wrinkles, and a slim silhouette.
And to be really honest...

I think she, along with the others may have even been mocking me bit.
But since I'm the oldest the wisest and the fattest, fartyest funniest;
I've always tried to be the most mature, and not let them get to me.

"Hey Dana, nice lines!"                                    Too bad they're between your eyes!  ha ha 

My response was usually, "LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA LA I d.o.n.'t hear you!"
I've always needed to be the mature one, and set the appropriate example.
It's been difficult,  but as I've mentioned I've always tried to be there for my sisters.

To be fair, they do what they can.
Sister Number 1 has told me on numerous occasions about her wonderful skin care regime, called Paula's Choice.  She swears by it.
Sister Number 2 gives me information about physiotherapy for my unending and excruciatingly painful old lady little ailments.
And Sister Number 3 is often sharing physical fitness tips with me; ones that would be easier for an older woman me to follow.

So I guess it's my own fault really.
When, this past week, Sister Number 1 gracefully turned another year younger older. 
I decided it was time to pull my wrinkled head out of the sand, and start to watch and listen carefully.
I like the path she is walking down.
It appears to be much smoother than the one I chose.
And she doesn't seem to be as out of breath as I am.

I realized that perhaps I may need to change my attitude toward my sisterly duties.
No more leading the way down the aging path for me.
No more graphic examples of what might be.
It is time to change my tactics.
I should have known, striking fear into their hearts would not be good for them, or for me.

Happy Birthday Organized Martha-esque Sister Number 3.
I thank you for helping me to see the light.
I have decided to step back from my aging duties and allow you to lead the way.

Instead I've decided to watch and learn, I will follow instead of leading by example.
I will take a page from your book.
I will go forth and defy gravity.

You should have been the eldest anyway.

Love and Kisses Sis!
So glad you were born!
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  1. Looks like I'm the first one here. Thanks for the touching tribute. I appreciate all of the kind words. However, I may not be aging so gracefully. It looks like the family Alzheimers may be setting in. I'm wearing that black sweater a lot in the above photos. I think you may have to start calling me every day and remind me mix up the wardrobe a bit, or I'll still be wearing that little black sweater when I'm blowing out the candles on my 90th b-day cake (it will probably be more of a grayish sweater by then - but still cute!!)

  2. Four girls? Holy moly...did you have a detailed chart of who could use the bathroom and precisely for how long?
    Happy birthday Sister #3

  3. Dana, you are such a nice big sister! ;)
    I think you all look wonderful! Good genes must run in the family! Happy Birthday to your sister #1!

  4. You're so lucky to have sisters! I love how there seems to be so much red hair in your family, yet your daughter has dark hair and eyes. So fun to see how those genetics work out :) None of my kids have red hair either.

  5. Great post.
    The middle schooler in me especially liked the bit about you being the fartyest sister. (Fart humor is never NOT funny.)
    I must admit I am still lauging at that one!

  6. Seriously...where ARE all your sisters' wrinkles? Try being me though, my OLDER sister has far fewer wrinkles than me. No kids you think there is a link?

    Happy Birthday Tara!

  7. Sisters are the best! I'm the oldest of 3..and we are all completely different. Happy birthday to your sis!

    Also, on a completely unrelated note, I just looked at the before and after pictures of your house. They are amazing! And, they give me hope! My husband and I live in a complete fixer-upper...and we've made some changes here and there, but after 9 years of marriage it's still very much a fixer upper. Would you come to my house and give me some inspiration???

    You are one of those amazing people who can see past what something is to what it can be. I'm not quite that talented. I do know what I like when I see it (and I LOVE how your house looks!), but to look at my place and imagine something different? Not so much.

  8. You're too funny. Hope she had a great birthday! And don't worry, maybe she'll get fartier with age.

    That's a word, right?


  9. I don't know if it's possible to look Martha-esque, but your sister totally does.

    Happy Birthday to her!

  10. AHhh, Sisterly love. I love it! The teasing, the bonding, the laughing. None else can understand unless they have had a sister!

  11. Never had a sister...but so glad I am raising three!!!
    Happy Birthday to your sweet sister!
    Enjoy the day

  12. Happy Birthday to her! Hope she has a wonderful year ahead of her :)

  13. Fartiest? Seriously? Just wait until we get to the Bungalow next week. It is on!
    JJ Phillips

  14. I so love my sisters, too.


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