Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Ghostly Secrets Revealed

Everyone... and I mean E.V.E.R.Y.O.N.E, wanted to know how I took this photo on Yesterday's Post.
I cannot for the life of me keep a secret.
It's beyond my personal scope of truthfulness.
White lies?
Big huge, people begging for info secrets?
Those types of cover ups make me sweat.
Which reminds me of exercise;
and I don't like exercise.
Therefore I try to avoid lying at all times.
Did you follow that?
Lies=Exercise=Sweating= Would Rather Not=Truthfulness
(I'm an abstract math genius... it's true.  Examples have been documented here and here.)

So due to the mathematical equation above, it just happens to be your lucky day my friends.
Bum bum ba dummmm...... Ladies and Gentlemen.... The Ghostly Reveal....

No I'm sorry to say, I did not have magical ghost cookies floating around my house... as cool as that might have been.

No, I did not throw the cookie in the air and capture it with my super fast 3600 ISO... although that would have been pretty cool too!

And no, I did not paste a picture of the ghost cookie into another shot.

Instead I found a handy dandy BBQ Skewer, and made a ghost cookie puppet of sorts.

I held it up in front of me and took the picture.  I didn't edit the pictures in any other way, as I was enjoying some pretty awesome light in our house.

And as for that little skewer, we took care of it in a jiffy, using the clone stamp tool in Photoshop. 
One can also get the same results using the cloning tool in an upgraded version of Picnik, which I have through my flickr account.
It's simply grabbing a piece of the picture and placing it over top of the piece you want to be hidden.

Just think?  You can make anyone fly!  Plus you could use these amazing pictures to decorate for next year creating a craft like this

Even hubby could be your Superman.

Just promise me one thing though.

That you won't be using any Skewers : )


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  1. Wonderful post - so clever! Wonderful 'G' post too!

    XOXO Lola:)

  2. Thanks for telling us your secret Dana!

  3. What a fun ghostly secret~ I'm not familiar with Piknik :-)

  4. that so cute! thanks for sharing you trick with us all!

  5. That was so clever loved it

  6. Wow! Grrr888ttt Letter G post and great photo trick....thanks for sharing...I can't wait to try. Promise not to stick my Superman with a skewer!

  7. Very cool!

    Thanks for showing us how it was done...

  8. Lmao! what a ghostly surprise that is . I don't have photoshop but I bet it's a lot of fun and no I don't think I will be skewing anyone :D Great Ghost!

  9. You make it look so easy.

  10. This is so clever. Thanks for telling us how to get the ghost to fly. I was unaware of a cloning tool or operation in Photoshop or Picnik, but I am going to try to teach myself how to use it. This was a perfect letter selection for the season.

  11. How wonderful of you to be so truthful. :)

  12. This is so cool. This is something I need to try. I love the equation too.

  13. What a great trick. I confess, I've never edited my pictures, but those cute pictures could convince me to start!

  14. Aren't you the clever one! I didn't know about the cloning tool at picnik. I'm off to look for it.

  15. Great post! Ghostly and all! Boo Boo! Hee Hee Anne

  16. That really does look super cool! You gotta love Photoshop :-D

  17. P.S. I am new to your blog and your newest follower. :-D

  18. Ha ha, that's awesome! I totally thought you had one of the girls throwing them & you shooting! I was imagining a bunch of smashed up cookies on the floor/counter!

  19. That is just awesome!

    I use Picnik all the time, but I never found the cloning tool.

    So many fun ideas are running through my head now! ;-)

  20. Very clever! I don't use any photo editing software really, apart from a cropping tool. I must investigate!

  21. Charming, funny and clever!!!!

  22. Yeah, I trying doing it with the cat, but for some reason he wouldn't stay still.

  23. I was hanging on each picture, guessing in my mind how you did it. Never came close.. I thought you baked and frosted it and stuck it to a



  24. It's so neat - how long did it take you to do that?
    Michelle~ Via Facebook

  25. skewers eh? I was thinking of doing some photo's of my kids flying - but, I guess that's out ; )
    Leanne~ Via Facebook

  26. What a cool idea. That photo rocks!


  27. That is just so amazing! I need to experiment more. :)

  28. You are GGGGGG-rrrreaattt Dana!

    What a neat technique.

    I was wondering how you did that and I did think someone threw it in the air and you snapped the shot so it's neat to know the trick behind the treat of the photo.

    Thanks for linking this week to Alphabe-Thursday.

    I really loved your 'confession'!


  29. You are really good at that!! Great work!

  30. Brilliant!

    I've actually done similar things with the retouch tool in iPhoto. (Blurred out powerlines, and once, hazard tape.)

    And I still didn't even think of that!

    Clever girl!

  31. Very clever! I thought the ghost cookies were really flying though, so I'm a little disappointed to find out it wasn't real. :)

  32. Such a great idea! This is hilarious...LOVE it!

  33. you clever clever gal you! Very cool pics

  34. Yeah, well, cool, and all...

    if you know what the heck you're doing with a camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  35. Haha, you crack me up. Thanks for sharing your secret...the pics are just awesome. I'm a complete dunce when it comes to photoshop. I can resize. Yay! So you'll just have to take some more cool flying things pics for us. The ghost cookie is so awesome because he looks like he's gaying: "ooooooooo" while he's flying through the house. =)

  36. How clever! We'll all be sending our friends and family off on flying trips in cyber space.

  37. I LOVE that you shared this!! (Visiting from the Stumble Upon thread on BlogFrog.)

  38. oh my goodness! this is the best idea eva!!!


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