Monday, December 13, 2010

12 Days To My Joyful Christmas

The Happiness Project ~Week 41~ My Christmas Cup of Java!
While reading the comments from yesterday's post throughout the day today, I started to panic.
All these wonderful readers thought I would have something worthwhile to share?
Possibly something deep and meaningful?
With these thoughts weighing heavily on my mind I did the only thing I could.
I pulled out the one and only Christmas mug we own,  and made myself a cup of coffee.

Now if you are a regular reader you might be thinking to yourself...
Hey?  I thought Miss Dana gave up coffee?  
And you would be correct. 

But today? 
Today I decided the first step towards finding my Christmas Joy was to see if their might be a correlation between my empty Coffee cup and my empty Christmas spirit.
So I reconsidered my coffee moratorium and decided to ponder the fact that my Christmas cheer seemed to be missing... right along with my coffee.

I decided that today, on the 12th day of Christmas.
I would see if my Christmas JOY might be hiding in the bottom of a 
Frosty The Snowman Christmas mug.
~After a bit of cream and a tsp of sugar I am happy to report 
that some Joy was found in each and every sip.

I also found Joy tonight with the ringing of the Bungalow's doorbell.
We met two of Santa's elves at the door.
(who just happened to be masquerading as neighbour children from down the street)
It was because of them I was able to eat take this sweet shot.

They had gone to a great deal of trouble, and made Alphabet Sugar Cookies which spelled out each and everyone's name here at Bungalow'56.  
For those of us with shorter names (me) fairness was carefully considered as they (me) had a few reindeers to add to their (me) name as well.
I was so thankful that my tantrums had been avoided due to their thoughtfulness, 
and as a result Christmas spirit seemed to be in abundant supply at Bungalow'56.

Thank you Leanne, Mario and Princess,  you helped to bring some much needed Christmas cheer to our home this evening.

On the 12th day of Christmas 
I found the Joy of Java 
along with
Sweet reindeer cookies
and Two elves smiling swee - ee - ee - eat - ti - ii - ly.


I think I may be getting the hang of this, I can't wait to show you what I have planned for tomorrow.
I will be posting in the evening once the day has ended when I will have had time to share with you, my Christmas Joy-velations.

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and Leigh vs. Laundry who hosts The Happiness Project.
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  1. how sweet! My dear friend & ex-neighbor still delivers cookies to our house. now we live 15 mins away in the country. it is the biggest treat & something we definitely look forward to! Joy-velations, you witty girl. i am needing this after the past few days that i have'll have to read my post. hugs, Cathy

  2. I needed this today. Grinch day.
    I'm repenting and trying to be better tomorrow.

  3. I want neighbors like yours. Or now that I think of it, maybe I should be that kind of neighbor. I wonder if drop cookies will have the same punch. This elf doesn't do rolled cookies. :v)

  4. give up coffee. oh my. for sure there would be no CHRISTmas cheer for me!! ;) I am going to love these last 12

  5. I have never thought of spelling out names with cookies before!

  6. What sweet little elves!!

    Diet Coke is my get me going helper and I'm a beast without it.

  7. Love the coffee joy!
    The cookies thoughtful!
    I too am busy busy busy....I love that you are slowing it down a bit and finding real joy each day.
    I look forward to your posts, Dana. I'll link up and join you for the linky party...but I'll be late (Friday) Hope that is okay!!

  8. Love the joy-velations!
    moderation is key...and okay to enjoy...I'm learning that with my diet mt. dew!

  9. love these shots and a great post

  10. Oh, lovely joyous coffee and cookies!!

    The idea of that brings ME joy.

    I don't need anything deeper than that.

  11. Glad you found some joy in your coffee and those cookies are too cute.

  12. What a great and thoughtful gift from your friends!


  13. What sweet little elves to bring you such yummy cookies!

  14. Those cookies look marvelous!

  15. Beautiful cookies! Beautiful thought behind them, too. Love the shot of your coffee mug and the Christmas tree.

  16. Dana - how cute - love the cookie idea :-)

    Many blessings,

  17. love your m&m cookies! So cute!

  18. I love Christmas cookies and these are adorable!

  19. I think this is 2 days worth because you have the holiday coffee and the holiday cookies!

  20. yes it is true I am = Christmas Joy

  21. Just the fact that I know someone who is a personal and close friend of mine who says, "favourite" with a U, and "Neighbour" with a U, brings me Christmas Joy.

  22. I can definitely find some joy in a cup of coffee and Christmas cookies. Sounds like you have some great neighbors!

  23. Sometimes you gotta sneak in those pleasures! What fun cookies. Yeah, my name is a little long. But at least it isn't Franchesca or some really long name and Annamonapeea.
    Can't wait to see your 12 days. Whoot!

  24. Love the story and pictures! And thanks for your kind words at my place. =)


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