Tuesday, December 14, 2010

On The Eleventh Day Of Christmas: Some Joy Was Played For Me

This eleventh day of Christmas was a day of performance times.
I could have focused on the busyness of the day and how the minutes kept ticking by, 
while my Christmas list was not getting crossed through.
But instead I focused on the Christmas Joy that was being played for me.

In the afternoon my Middlest played in her first band concert ever.
What made this so Joyful for me, was how much she has loved being a part of this class.
This is largely due to the amazing band teacher she has been blessed with this year.

How can you not love band when the song you get to play for mom and dad is...
"The Eye Of The Tiger"

Duh.  Duh, Duh, Duh....

Later in the evening,
Youngest performed in a grade three Poetry night.
One poem was in french and the other was in English.
She was loud and clear, and did her theatre mom proud.
The smile on her face was a Christmas gift she didn't even realize she was giving.

While Christmas is still a mess on the home front, I am making in roads.
I am starting to see the outline of those trees in the forest.
And really? It doesn't matter anyway, because Christmas is about enjoying these moments.
I am becoming all too aware that my days of warming those concert chairs  
will, all too soon, be done.

Eldest was able to see both concerts and I am thankful that our family is still able to enjoy all that Christmas has to offer... together.

Send good thoughts our way for the tenth day of Christmas.  
Eldest will be having her tonsils out tomorrow afternoon.
And while I'm at the hospital, don't you worry,

 I will be looking for Christmas Joy.

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  1. Oh band Christmas concerts. Live em. My 4 and 8 year olds had their singing/dancing performance this last week. Joy fir sure. I live you pictures. How cool

  2. Oh I love Christmas bands that plays Christmas Carols. :)

  3. Love.....the smile on her face was a Christmas gift she didn't even realize she was giving. That got me a little teary! Best wishes for your eldest tomorrow.

  4. Love this post. We are going to a first grade performance at the school today. My husband is afraid they will be using recorders! ha!

  5. What a sweet post! Best of luck on the tonsils! Tonsillectomy tips: Warm, salty things helped me more than ice cream. At about days 7-10 there will be some referred ear pain. I found it best to immediately put ice packs on my throat & it will ease the pain pretty quickly. hugs, Cathy

  6. I remember having Christmas concerts for Jr. High band. It definitely helped with the Christmas spirit.

  7. What wonderful memories. Praying for your eldest that everything will go smoothly and she'll recover exceptionally fast!

  8. Oh. I hope she has a speedy recovery.
    I too got to witness wonderful clarinet playing, but no Eye of the Tiger. I feel cheated.

  9. Thanks for sharing a little of that Christmas joy with us...


  10. Fun times! I'm hosting a giveaway today at You should check it out!

  11. There's nothing like Christmas concerts and plays put on by the youngsters to get you in the spirit of the season.

  12. As the mom of two "adult" children I am so glad you are taking the time to listen to the music. You will never regret the time you spend with your kids. I am enjoying your 12 days of Christmas.


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