Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Lo and Behold An Angel Appeared: The Tenth Day Of Christmas

Today was spent in a hospital.
It was a long day.
I did not bring my camera.

I wondered if on this day, I would find my Christmas Joy?

My eldest had never had in IV before, let alone an operation.
An asian man by the name of Huan introduced himself to us.
He was going to set up her IV.
In his wonderfully accented english he asked Eldest many questions.
His voice was soft and caring.
His touch was gentle.
His eyes were kind.

She did not even feel the needle.

Today I was so thankful he decided to come from China to Toronto ten years ago.
And then even more grateful that he moved to our hometown five years later.
He made a difference in our lives.
I believe God sends you Angels when you need them.
When my eldest was waiting in the OR with a few tears filling her eyes, for reasons she didn't even understand.
I watched as her tears turned to a smile after Huan told her not to worry, as she had already been through the most difficult part of her day.

I was so very thankful and filled with Joy, 
when on the tenth day of Christmas: an Angel appeared, 
and his name was Huan.


Eldest had her tonsils and adenoids removed today.
She is doing very well.

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  1. How good it was to have the reassurance of someone who took time to care! I'm glad you found your Christmas angel.

  2. Thanks God for angels! Hope your eldest is recovering well. Virtually hugs being sent to you!

  3. It appears your angel, Huan is following his true calling. What a wonderful way to find your Christmas joy.
    I hope your eldest has a speedy recovery.

  4. I've been an RN for 45 years. It always pleases me so much when I hear that health care professionals make this kind of differences in the lives of patients and their families...and it is nice when we are told that we do. Thank you so much.

  5. Beautiful post! We do have angels all around - we just need to stop & look! Hope she is better soon!

  6. It is wonderful when God sends special people into our lives to perform miracles large and small.

  7. what wonderful words. . .so glad you had an angel with you today. Hope the healing process goes well!

  8. So glad you recognized the angel in your presence. Isn't God amazing? Praying Eldest is recovering without incident and will be back to her old (young) self soon.

  9. Beautiful post Dana. I love that you obviously took the time to find out a little about Huan. Hope eldest feels better SOON!

  10. OMG, I haven't been by in awhile. I hope your daughter is okay. I'm so glad there were fabulous healthcare professionals taking care of her. And Angels, too. :)

  11. Tingles and goosebumps.... Thanks Dana

  12. Okay, why am I crying? That was beautiful! I'm so glad God sent just the right angel for your daughter.

  13. I am very glad to know a health-care angel was there for you.

    Very, very glad.

  14. I am glad he took such good care of your girl.
    I hope she has a quick recovery and gets lots of ice cream!

  15. I wish you love and success.

  16. beautifully written, dana - I loved this! sometimes it's the kindness of strangers that makes all the difference.

    Love seeing that "heart" effect again with the bokeh/lights ... what's the secret?

  17. Beautiful Dana. You are so right, there are angels all around and how wonderful it is when we stop to realize that. Hugs to the Eldest!

  18. Beautiful....I'm sitting here teary eyed...hope all is well with the Eldest!

  19. This one got me all choked up. It was just lovely.


  20. One never knows just who will show up to touch a heart, or give support. A wonderful story!!

  21. Pleased (and relieved) that she had a positive hospital experience. Send her my wishes for a speedy recovery...just in time for Christmas! Nicole

  22. It's wonderful when you find a caring doctor !

  23. sometimes we just dont realize how blessed we truly are! I hope your daughter recovers quickly!

  24. So glad to hear your girlie is doing alright...
    Wish everyone could have a Huan. :)

  25. I have been through many, many surgeries in my life and have been surrounded by many angels while in the hospital.

    So glad to hear your eldest daughter is doing fine. No matter the surgery, it's always incredibly difficult as a parent to watch your child undergo an operation.

    When my second oldest was four, she had hernia surgery. Watching her walk off to the operating room, clutching her Big Bird, was, oh, so difficult.

    Most trying for me, though, was when my son was struck by a hit-and-run driver nearly five years ago. The hospital personnel were great and, thankfully, he was not seriously injured.

  26. God bless people like that.

    They are angels.

    The surgery went well, thank God. Happy to hear. Those waiting minutes are the longest.

    Tell Big GIrl Baby E had his done last THanksgiving. He was instantly better before two weeks were out.

  27. Oh Dana, this post touched my mother's heart. There is nothing that helps a mom like someone helping their child.

    I love that you shared this. I needed to read this message today. Bless you.

    Sending prayers to your daughter. Fill her up with peppermint ice cream!

    Thank you for linking.


  28. Aw, those kind of medical personnel are few and far between. You were very fortunate indeed!Merry Christmas and I hope all is well with your daughter!~Ames


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