Saturday, January 15, 2011

Can You Say...Annoying?

Pods quote
I started a free photoshop e-course.
I was very excited to see what I could do with some of my favourite photos.
You can see the badge on the sidebar to the right.

I figured it was time. 
What did I have to lose?  
I just downloaded the Photoshop Element program for the thirty day trial to see if I would find it worthwhile, and signed up for Kim Klassen's Skinny Mini eCourse.

I was determined to conquer the elusive photoshop.
But wow...
after watching one (very clear and simple) video I was about ready to pull my hair out.
Eldest came by, tapped a few keys, and fixed everything.

And so it went with the each and every new layer and tool I needed to figure out.

Do you believe in fairies
She kept asking me if I had tried the next lesson as "it was really easy."
Can you say... annoying?
So I made an upper management decision.
She is now taking the course and then gives me a report and shows me what to do afterward.
This new arrangement is working out very well.

See? Isn't this pretty?
The crop and colour?
The textured layer?
The text?

I love it.
It speaks to me.
When it comes to knowledge?
No challenge is too great.

sooo... if you'll excuse me?

I guess...

I better... 

Go find out how she did it.


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  1. Ha Ha I have to tell you that this makes me feel a whole lot better! I got photoshop awhile ago and I was lost. I mean completely LOST! So I went and paid good money for the book "Photoshop For Dummies" - cause I am pretty much a dummy! And you know what? Yeah! I freakin' could not figure out the book for dummies. So that makes me a SUPER dummy (I'm thinking of making a cape!). This is my true confession. I also have to have my kids help me!

  2. Maybe you could video her explanations for the rest of us.

  3. I took the same course before Christmas and really enjoyed it. I finally feel more comfortable with layers. They were so intimidating before. You'll get more comfortable soon. I admit, I also had my teens help me in the beginning and I took notes the first time I watched the videos.Good luck:)

  4. I learn better when someone shows me how to do it first in person. You're blessed to have her to show you how!! I say the same thing about my computer savvy son.

  5. Ditto the comment from Southern Gal. That's how it works for me too. I'm better is someone shows me how rather than trying to learn online, from a manual, etc.

    However, my 16-year-old son sometimes runs out of patience with me...

    I love the photos. Hmmmm. I wonder if my boy would help me. Ah, probably not.

  6. Genius! I really want to learn Photoshop...but I don't know if I have the time for one more thing...maybe when my daughter is old enough to do it for me...

  7. Wow, I'm starting to slip down that same slope too, dana ... i've got my 12 year old teaching me i-movie! But for Christmas I got a year of one-on-one at the Apple store and my first appointment is next Friday - hoping it can make me a little less dependent on the 12-year-old ;-)

  8. these are such cool pix. next up etsy store??? thank goodness for your eldest! would she like to tutor photoshop in Ohio this winter?

  9. What a great technique you've come up with! I like the whole middleman (middlewoman?) thing.

    Sometimes, you just need a translator. And a guide.


  10. They look really great!!

    One of these days I am going to take the Photoshop leap...but today is not that day!

  11. It's crazy how early our kids can start teaching us a thing or twelve!

  12. One of the best upper-management decisions: learning to delegate. Can I borrow your child?

  13. I've been seriously considering Photoshop Elements.

    I am anxiously awaiting to hear what you think.

    And I HATE when the kids outsmart me.

    It is SO SO annoying.

    Ground that girl. ;)

  14. "an upper management decision" - ha! I need to start delegating more, I really do. It's just so hard to do with a two year old.

    But the photos look great!

  15. You are so smart!!

    Why am I sweating this computer stuff out with adult classes when I can just have my 2 teens sit through and rehash back.

    They are BOTH such great, patient teachers. Unlike Mr Man, who pays the bills.

    You are genius....

    I am going to do this.

    Not the photoshop class, but have my kids do the hard learnin' stuff for me.

    I love you, Einstein.

  16. I took a 4 week photoshop class and learned how to do layers and all that stuff but that was 2 months ago and I am not even sure that I could do anything I learned now. I know it is a wonderful program but I have iphoto and I guess that is what I will be using for a while, until I have an hour to work on each photo or win the lottery and I don't have to do all the other things I need to do in my busy life. I'm not trying to be negative....what I wanted to tell you is that if you are a teacher (me) or have anyone in your home that attends school ( any grade/school) you can get the newest addition of photoshop for under 200.00 dollars, if you think you want to pursue it.

    Truly it is a wonderful program, you just have to go SLOWLY! Good luck!

  17. Smart woman, glad to see she is truly earning her keep:) When you have mastered the mini-course, maybe you'll be kind enough to share some of your newfound wisdom?

  18. Hey - if I can teach myself the basics of the darn thing - you will get it easily .

    Thanks for the encouraging comments that you left me - and yes, you are on the slippery slope to having a 20 year old as well........ I've got to say, it just sounds sooooo wrong!!

    Enjoy your snow! We are sweltering in high humidity here.

  19. I am laughing so hard ;o) Our kids seem to have such a facility with technology ;o)
    You should get the Scott Kelby book. BTW I have an old version of PSE 6. Do you want it?

  20. Hahah! The things that kids know and can wrap their brains around these days are amazing. But for some reason, the whole wiping the table, hanging up your coat, putting the seat down...super challenging. Go figure.

  21. Hilarious! Can you please send her to my house right away? I need help : )

  22. Yes, I have also tried and given up on photo editing. My attention span just keeps getting shorter the older I get.

  23. Great edits so your little arrangement works like a charm.

    Erika B

  24. Hi-larious! I took her free skinny course too-you'll catch on! Well worth the headache-although your shots are great already. Am newest follower ;0)

  25. very nice and I love kim klassen and her work. Did you sign up for her free weekly textures, I am also going to buy some ;)

  26. Love the globe shot, has a very 70s feel! BTW, I have one of those kids too :)

  27. All your photos are Great - but I really love the Dasiy I found it at the Shutter Love Blog Hop @ Trendy Treehouse

  28. i love your pics...the globe is my fav cause i love all things retro and it looks retro! great work.

  29. thanks for the hot tip! i just signed up for the february course.
    hope your daughter is ready to guide me too :)

  30. So, can I borrow her? I bought the real deal after unsuccessfully trying to add a picture into the 30-day free trial version. Couldn't figure that out. So yeah, I bought the whole thing. Just to torture myself.

    Thanks for the morning laugh!

  31. Gorgeous! I really need a photoshop class. There is SO much to learn.


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