Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Of Course Stephen King Is Inappropriate

We have been dumped on.
A deluge we haven't seen in years.

It can be a difficult time.
Snow blindness.
Cabin Fever.
People can go Craazee.

Don't worry... we dress the kids in bright clothing so that we don't lose them.
We're always safe that way.

We don't want anything to happen to our little gumdrops, now do we?

Middlest seemed awfully happy here,
but her friend had a bit of a sinister look to her, didn't she?
 Perhaps it's because she was originally from Vancouver and hasn't quite acclimatized yet.

As I watched them from the patio window,
 I started to wonder... what exactly are they doing?

They seemed to be intent on uncovering something,
or perhaps... burying something.

A body maybe?
Ha ha.
(a little Stephen King humour there if you didn't catch it)

Just trying to keep the blogging fresh. 
So I thought I'd try something new.
Don't worry I won't try it again.

Because of course any reference to Stephen King is simply inappropriate for my "family friendly blog"

and quite frankly....
in helping to describe the 
family photos
I like to share, with you, my readers : )

just. don't. even. ask.

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  1. Used to be quite a Stephen King fan, he lost me after Insomnia ...
    Think you should take over from where he left off since you did notice there were only two 'bodies' in the last pic right, meaning someone is still out there!
    Lots of my friends are your friends so I thought I'd stop by :)

  2. Herrrrreeeeee'sssssss Johnny!!

    lol :) also inappropriate but I couldn't help myself!

  3. Oh my!! that's a lot of snow. I can't believe we complain about the couple of inches we get.
    But honestly cabin fever sets in quite fast with my boys ;o)

  4. Wow! That is some help bury the body...I mean shovel snow! A truer friend can not be found...except under the heap of snow. Sweet dreams!

  5. HEyyyy! You leave us Vancouverites out of this! Acclimatized, sheesh, you think we can't handle a little snow? {ok, maybe not}

  6. Stephen King is probably considered good literature these days, so why not.

    My only questions is, "Is your daughter's friend really holding that knife?"

    Your are always good for a giggle,

  7. You are so funny!
    You did get dumped!
    Hope you guys are staying warm!

  8. Yeah, that's a snow dumping alright! It looks so pretty when it's fresh - I loved our snow days last week and took tons of pictures (we're still under about 2 feet right now). But yesterday it rained (bet it was the same storm?), which melted and compressed it ... then it all froze solid overnight. So now I'm looking at whitish-grey snow-cement on my lawn - blech!

    Stay warm up there ... Boston's headed for lows in the negative numbers this weekend, I'm terrified - don't know how you do it every day!!

  9. No, I think you're right.

    Those girls are up to something.

    Hmm...wait...WHERE'S THE ARGONOMIST???

  10. heehee

    My son's favorite author is Stephen King.
    I can't read him.

    Creeps me out too much!


    PS. GREAT photos...

  11. OK, do you see what happens when there is no male presence? And only one caffeine crazed woman left in charge?

    DO you see???

  12. We got dumped on this past weekend, and by the third day of the storm I was feeling the cabin fever, too! Have a great day!

  13. It was totally The Shining here last year so I know exactly what you mean! At least you have someone to hook up the snow removal for you!

  14. Oh. Stephen King was on the banned books list in my house growing up which made me REALLY want to read him. Ironically Insomnia...put me to sleep every time.
    (I did manage to finish a couple movies though....)

  15. I am a King fan. I think i've read The Stand 20 times...i know, it's crazy.
    Wonderful photos of snow and kids.

  16. They look like they are working so hard! You got tons of snow.

  17. Lots of snow out here too, but I don't have any cute little helpers to get it cleared? Do you think they'd like a quick trip to the mountains to help a poor old lady?

  18. Oh-no!

    We are expecting a big snowfall tomorrow.

    Pleasant dreams for an early spring. La

  19. It looks as though they are having a ball!

  20. Funny post Dana - who would have thought to incorporate Stephen King into a post full of kids playing in the snow! Only you. It looks like you have a ton of snow! We haven't had that much this year (it feels like we are the only place in the country with less than average). I'm secretly hoping to get snowed in sometime soon.

  21. Dana, funny post. I sure wish we were getting dumped on. We haven't had snow since after Christmas. I miss it. Joni

  22. What knife, I don't see a knife.

  23. Great post - What Were They doing? I have to ask as my curiosity got the better of me :)
    Funny, I nearly wrote about SK as I'm reading his 'On Writing' which is brilliant and no, I'm, not a fan of his usual novel - too scary for me

  24. Very Ominous!
    Great post and adorable models you have there...the snow looks beautiful!

  25. Thank you making me smile! It's great to see the kids outdoors enjoying some fresh air and each other.

  26. Speaking of cabin fever...ha!

    What a funny stop on our little journey through Alphabe-Thursday's letter "O".

    You made me laugh here, which is a good thing on a stressed-out Thursday!

    Thanks for being so outrageously cool...and for sharing it with us.


  27. The Stand is by far my most favorite King book. Stand By Me runs a close second, though.

  28. I've only read "It" by Stephan King and that was so creepy I just couldn't read anymore of his books.

    That is a lot of snow you guys got! What exactly ARE they doing in the snow, hmmm?


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