Monday, January 10, 2011

Gratitude Sunday Posted on a Monday

All wrapped up with some Sweet Shots on Tuesday...
For some reason I couldn't get Gratitude Sunday off my mind.
I haven't posted one in an awfully long while,
not because I'm not grateful, but because I was starting to feel like I "had" to post.

I was always a stubborn kid.
I didn't like doing things I "had" to do.
My poor parents.

Sadly, not much has changed in four decades.
My poor Agronomist.

I am grateful for all the wonderful talent I find out in blog land. Print can be found here

I am so grateful for Middlest's teacher and the once a week Art club she is offering her students.

I am grateful for all the snow we have been getting, as the past two years have been some of the driest farmers have ever seen.  
The snow we've had to date is likely more than we had all last year.

Plus I'm grateful for The Agronomist who always makes sure we have a clear path.  
As a born and bred Northern Canadian girl... there is something about a man and a snowblower that makes me a little weak in the knees.
Shovels too.
Unless you live here... you just wouldn't understand.
Plus those snow boots... there is just something about a sturdy pair of snow boots.
Who needs Marlboro Man and his chaps?
I've got my own Cowboy, and he's wearing his gear just the way I like it...
Did I mention, unless you live here... yeah I guess I did.

I am also very grateful for having the means to, every once in awhile, enjoy a nice dinner out.
I am realizing my girls are growing up.
It was a lovely evening spent celebrating The Agronomist's belated birthday.
Life is good.
We here at Bungalow'56 have many blessings.

I am feeling grateful today.
For the roof over my head,
the health of my children,
and the love of my "getting older" husband.

But I'm feeling especially grateful for the snow... and of course... the snow blower... and. well... those snow boots and particularly who fills them.

But I may have already mentioned that  ; )

A grateful gal today,

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  1. :) you always make me smile, dana! i finally started the 1000 gifts with ann voskamp. not sure why i put it off for so long, because i'm loving the way it makes me think - you know, positive? she's way up in the 2000's. i think i'm on 25. i'm ecited about snow today, too, but only because it means i don't have to go to school and can really read all my blogs!

  2. I love this post, dana ... very inspiring ... which i'm in need of right now! we all had a nice dinner out recently too - and it was 90 minutes of bliss with no complaining or fighting or anything ... just pure family fun! Thanks to you, I'm going to stick in the gratitude column of my brain and refer to it often as I start off another dreaded Monday morning ...

  3. Ooh - a man and a snowblower, what a hot property! And that birthday cake/cupcake concoction looks adorable and delicious!

  4. I don't know why it never occurred to me to fill cupcakes with frosting in addition to COVERING them with frosting.

    That is brilliant!

    And I'm glad gratitude called you to words again.

    Sometimes giving feelings form with words is an empowering thing and can make ethereal things seem more real and easier to hold onto.

  5. I think I need to borrow your snow blower (the machine, not man working it. I'll add my own man.) We are socked right in after a crazy winter storm this weekend.

    Your whole post made me sigh and start thinking of all those good things in my life that are so easy to overlook.

  6. OOOh, getting woozy here...a man, with Sorels, and a snowblower not merely a snowthrower...well, you'd just have to understand the difference....

  7. Cute post.

    And you're right. The Pioneer Woman's got nothin' on you!


  8. Since I live in Minnesota where we've had mega snow this year (and now bitter cold, too), I totally "get" your snow comments.

  9. I'd love to borrow that snow blower thing from you today!!! We are having fun in our snow...but it will be GONE in a day or 2.
    I love how you shared your gratitude.
    I love it here!
    Enjoy your day.

  10. Gosh, we could've used a snowblower this weekend...I did a little bit of helping today.....

  11. I just want to say that your first photo is unbelievably gorgeous!

    Can you come to my house and give me a tutorial on how to use this darn Canon?? :)

  12. I could not live there. I married a Canadian - but he is not like yours. I would be the one in the boots using the snowblower - and for that reason, we will always live south of the Mason-Dixon...where I happily care for the pool...

  13. So sweet! My hubby is out plowing and shoveling every morning! But I am married to a cowboy. We won't go there!

  14. I'm actually wishing for some more snow around here. We hardly have any right now, some is on the way for tomorrow hopefully. If its gonna be this cold, I would love some white to go with it:)

  15. Velly, velly sweet post!

  16. Dana I love this post and your grateful heart!

  17. Oh Dana...

    This was awesome. Great shots, and oh there's nothing like writing down all you are grateful for. Got me thinking about my blessings as well. See what you started!

  18. Oh, so many great shots. The one of your girls with the "hearts" is super cute! I just had to click your thumbnail when I saw the snowblower. I very familiar sight around here too.

    Erika B

  19. There's nothing hotter than a man and his snow blower.

  20. I wish I lived in the snow. My husband would look even hotter with a snow blower! :)

  21. Oh that dessert, yum, plus I love the candles.

    And I in turn am grateful for you friend ;)

  22. Those are the yummiest looking cupcakes Dana. Oh my goodness : )

  23. love these favorite one is the first one..beautiful girls.

    those cupcakes look yummy!

  24. That first photo is so clear and beautiful and spectacular! I love that saying also, about the bird and the french fry.

    Your gratitude is very inspiring. :)


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